According to comedian D.L. Hughley, worshippers of Satan are better people than those Trump supporters who merely want to “Make America Great Again.”

According to Fox News, the comedian issued his denunciation of Trump supporters on TV One’s “The D.L. Hughley Show.” The comedian said he could never be friends with a Trump supporter.

“You could worship the devil and be a better human being than if you worshiped Donald Trump,” said Hughley. “Look up the tenets of the Church of Satan … and then go to a Trump rally and you’ll feel safer around Beelzebub than this dude.”

Co-host Jasmine Sanders agreed with Hughley’s assessment that nobody who supports the president can be considered a “good” person. “I don’t think you can do that. That’s like saying ‘I’m going to eat a burnt piece of toast but scrape the burnt off.’ It still tastes burnt,” Sanders said.

“You can’t be a little Trump supporter,” added Hughley. “It’s not because of his vocal supporters that he’s in power. It’s because of his benign ones.”

Hughley also blasted Trump supporters for allegedly being anti-Semitic in response to the president’s charges that the “Squad” hate Israel.

“[Trump’s] supporters are anti-Semitic,” Hughley said. “He’s calling them racist, he’s racist … when people committed acts of violence in your name and you don’t denounce them and you still support him, you are a vacant human being.”

Hughley called Trump supporters worse than devil worshippers and anti-Semites, but Hughley seems to support a political party that advocates as part of its platform giving half a billion dollars annually to a pro-abortion organization, Planned Parenthood, that was founded by a racist who supported eugenics. Here’s what left-leaning PolitiFact had to say about a viral story on how more black babies are aborted in New York City than are born:

Figuring out the answer to this question proved rather simple. The first place we went was that 2013 report, the most recent data available, which provides exhaustive breakdowns of birth statistics in New York City. The agency lists pregnancy outcomes by race and ethnicity, as well as by borough, type of birth (live birth, C-section, premature) and health of the mother.

According to the report, in 2013 black women accounted for 29,007 terminated pregnancies, representing almost 42 percent of all abortions in the city. That same year, black women in the city gave birth to 24,108 babies. With abortions surpassing live births by nearly 5,000, African American women in the city clearly terminated pregnancies more often than they carried babies to term. Black women terminated pregnancies at a rate of 67.3 per 1,000 women ages 15 to 49, a rate far higher than any other racial or ethnic group.

Of course, D.L. Hughley’s mean-spirited smear of Trump supporters has become commonplace in today’s political discourse. For example, Jeff Daniels once compared “MAGA” people to the KKK — seemingly unaware of the historical fact that it was actually Democrats who originally founded the KKK.

But knowledge of basic facts is hardly a prerequisite for participation in political discourse in the year 2019.

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