Not everyone was convinced that Wednesday’s hearings before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees did not bode well for Democrat’s anti-Trump causes. In fact, very few at MSNBC were willing to acknowledge it.

On his Wednesday “Hardball” broadcast, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews went as far to say it was either a second term or a prison term, meaning that if President Donald Trump does not win a second term in 2020, he will face criminal prosecution, be convicted and sentenced to a prison term.

“Second term or prison term? Let’s play ‘Hardball,’” Matthews said at the top of his program.

“That’s the message from today’s testimony by special counsel Robert Mueller,” he continued after the opening credits. “A second term for Trump or a prison term for Trump? Trump was not exonerated in the investigation by Mueller and stands vulnerable to indictment the second he leaves office. In a dramatic double feature today, Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, laying bare the evidence his prosecutors uncovered in their two-year investigation. And despite his reluctance to testify, Mueller offered a stark, often emphatic summary of his findings. He pierced a gaping hole in the President’s most misleading defense: Trump’s false claim that the Mueller report exonerated him.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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