A Chicago block party-style event upset some people after children in attendance were found beating a piñata that resembled an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer.

What are the details?

A representative for the block party-style event — which was organized by a local chamber of commerce — said that they “never would have imagined” the event would cause controversy, according to WBBM-TV.

One person involved in the planning of the event, however, said the piñata, designed to resemble a customs officer, was intended to make a statement during Chicago’s East Side Community Day. At least 25 local East Side businesses were involved in the event.

Anthony Martinez of the Los Brown Berets told the station that parents were aware of what was happening as well, and that “some parents were holding onto their kids to hit the piñata.”

The Los Brown Berets is a national activist group dedicated to the equal rights of Chicano people. According to Martinez, the group orchestrated the effort to bring the piñata to the public event.

Martinez said that the party favor was initially a Batman piñata that was transformed into an ICE agent. He insisted, however, that the group didn’t bring the piñata to the event to cause discord.

“It was not meant in a negative way at all toward law enforcement,” Martinez insisted, adding that the move was to make a statement on federal deportations.

“Taking children from their parents, separating them [is wrong],” he said.

What else?

The piñata wasn’t the only politics-related game at the event. The station reported that “children were offered a chance to throw balls at a painted image of President [Donald] Trump.”

Martinez said all proceeds from the kids’ games will go to assist asylum-seekers in the United States.

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