Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is one of the many high profile people caught up in the billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Dershowitz, one of the best known criminal lawyers in the world, has been accused of participating in Epstein’s alleged child sex-trafficking operation.

He joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to explain why he believes he’s being targeted over his support of President Donald Trump’s legal rights.

“I could show you the evidence against me in one second. It doesn’t exist. There’s nothing because my two accusers won’t even speak on the record or off the record. They only hide behind litigation privileges. And I have this mass of evidence, tape-recordings, emails,” Dershowitz said.

“As they come out, it will be completely and totally clear that these women never, ever accused me until they met David Boies. And indeed, to the contrary, they both said quite categorically that they did not ever have sex with me and then change their mind after they were promised a pot of gold by David Boies,” Dershowitz continued.

“It’s interesting that this case came out a long time ago — people have known about the private island and everything else. They’ve known about [Epstein] for a long time. [Bill] Clinton was accused. Nothing. But the minute [Alexander] Acosta and you and Trump are tied into this, this story breaks wide open,” Glenn said. “Do you believe that that interest is there because of the #MeToo, because of Donald Trump, or because of a combination?”

“I think the interest in me is largely because of Donald Trump,” Dershowitz said. “If I had been a strong opponent of Donald Trump … I don’t think the media would be interested in these false accusations. They had already been debunked and proved false before Trump got elected president. They were clearly disproven. They were in the waist basket of history in 2016 and then Trump gets elected. And I write two books about him, and I do a critique of the [former special counsel Robert] Mueller report. And I’m on, you know, a lot of television critiquing Trump’s opponents and, suddenly, this all crops up.”

Watch this clip to hear his passionate defense:

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