On Tuesday and Wednesday, anti-abortion organization Created Equal will park their 12×17 foot JumboTron outside the Democratic debates in Detroit, Michigan.

Rather than use still imagery, Created Equal has decided to feature live abortion footage in order to show attendees the reality of the horrific procedures supported by the candidates.

The Daily Wire spoke with Mark Harrington, founder and president of Created Equal, about the event. Prior to reading further, check out one of the videos that the organization has used in the past:

[WARNING: Graphic Imagery]

DW: What was the genesis of this idea?

HARRINGTON: We’ve been protesting the Democratic National Convention for years, but it’s time to up our game a bit, and not just bring still imagery of abortion, but the video evidence of what the Democratic Party and the candidates running for president stand for.

According to Harrington, while Created Equal has used the 12×17 foot screen before on college campuses and at other events, this is the first time video footage will be used outside of a major Democratic debate.

DW: You guys are going to be engaging with people outside on the street. What do you expect from that?

HARRINGTON: These events are attended by the public, and while the actual candidates are probably whisked in through the back, that’s not the point. The point is, those who support the Democratic platform – which is unlimited abortion up until the time of birth, including tax-funded abortion, and for that matter, infanticide – those are the people who need to see it.

Harrington noted that the people outside the debate will not be pro-life individuals, and that while he hopes for good behavior, measures are in place if things go sideways:

We all wear body cameras. So, that’s a deterrent. Plus, if anyone acts out unlawfully, we have it captured on video, which is used to prosecute them, and also put online. We are also very well-trained in handling individuals who tend to get emotional.

When The Daily Wire asked Harrington if he had a message for our readers, he stated:

I think a lot of people might wonder, “What’s the purpose? It’s just part of the noise of this campaign season,” but we have never seen a major political party take the positions on abortion like the current presidential candidates have. The fact that they support abortion up to the point of birth, even infanticide, and they want us to pay for it with our tax dollars, is beyond extreme. If we’re not going to raise our voices against that, I’m not sure where we will. So, I think it’s time that people come out from behind their keyboards and start being vocal about where this major political party wants to take the country. That’s why we’re going.

The non-partisan anti-abortion organization has been targeted in the past.

In November 2016, while distributing literature and holding posters featuring images of aborted fetuses on public property outside of a high school in Fort Wayne, Indiana, activists were confronted by principal Carlton Mable. When he realized that he was being filmed, Mable became agitated, and when police arrived, he stated, “To me, I would consider all this pornographic. These pictures – this is pornographic to me.”

For more information, follow Created Equal on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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