On Thursday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan discusses the hysteria that the mainstream media has created around President Trump’s administration, as was demonstrated once again by the Robert Mueller hearing Wednesday, and what they miss about why Trump was elected. Video and partial transcript below:

We’ve all heard the old expression that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth puts its boots on. Never has that been more true than today. When search [engines] and social media have joined the Democrat news media complex, the entertainment industry and the academies, with the express intention of spreading the left-wing lie: that our elites can govern us better than we can govern our racist sexist “unwoke” deplorable irredeemable hateful selves.

But here’s the thing, lies do move fast, but once the truth does get its boots on, they are big, big boots. They are Godzilla—sized boots. They’re city—crushing, earthquake-causing, lie-flattening boots. That tend to leave the lies that raced around before, crushed beneath them, like cockroaches or rats or commentators on CNN.

Yesterday was a good day, a two—and—a—half—year lie was exposed: the lie that Donald Trump won the presidential election because of some shenanigans he pulled with Russia. Trump won the election because his opponent was a crook, he outsmarted the opposition on the debate stage and on the electoral field, and because he broke the rules of political correctness that have held us all in mental chains too long — and we appreciated it.

Listen, while our journalistic community has betrayed its own principles, sold its integrity, and replaced its sacred mission of truth—telling with political propaganda. It’s not that I enjoy seeing them publicly disgraced and humiliated and dragged through the mud of their own dishonesty; with their hopes crushed and their dishonesty exposed. Oh wait, yes, that’s exactly what I enjoy. In fact, it makes me laugh like some old movie villain, I love it. But I would also love seeing, if only for one day, if technology has not become so advanced, media so loud, and confusions so rampant that the truth cannot still have its day and destroy everything in his path.

Because the truth is this, we voted for Trump because of all his flaws. He is better than the establishment, better than the elites, better than the academics, better than the America—hating Left, and the tremulous weak—kneed Right. If the elites hate Donald Trump so much and we like Trump better than we like them, maybe it’s time the elites started asking themselves how they sank so low. That we, the people, prefer even the man they despise to them. Because then, they too will know the truth about themselves, which is that they are silver spoon mediocrities, who are not there to rule us, but to serve us — deplorably normal though we may be.

Man, oh man, I laughed yesterday. I haven’t had a laugh like that in a long time. You know, I know what you’re thinking, “How can you, a Christian, full of love in your heart for all mankind, how can you revel at these smoking ruins that yesterday left the Democrat Party in and their media?” And here’s the thing, I do revel in it. You know that thing, “I feel pretty, I feel pretty,” that was me yesterday, except for the purple dress. The thing is, it’s not Trump they hate, it really isn’t. I mean they hate Trump, but they keep saying it over and over, “If you supported Trump, if you support this, if you don’t believe us, [that’s who we hate].” They’re such mediocrities.

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