On Wednesday, a trio of teens, two male and one female, rode up on their electric scooters toward a 59-year-old civilian employee for Baltimore’s police department, beat him up and stomped on his head — and it was all caught on a surveillance video.

CBS Baltimore showed the video to Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison, who responded, “That is extremely shocking and look at where it happened. And so it’s extremely shocking to the conscience, extremely worrisome and troublesome and disturbing and yes, we are deploying all of our resources in the most aggressive way — but not abusive — to be in as many places as we can to deter it.”

CBS Baltimore noted that Baltimore Deputy Commissioner Daniel Murphy and his wife were robbed at gunpoint last Friday; Murphy, who joined Harrison in leaving New Orleans to move to Baltimore, told CBS Baltimore, “I’m as committed as ever to helping Baltimore. We came here because there’s a tremendous need here for change and we’re going to transform this department and help the community. My wife and I are lucky that we’re safe. Many in the community have suffered from far worse.”

On July 11, The Baltimore Sun reported of the epidemic violence in Baltimore:

Deadly gun violence shot up in Baltimore through the first half of 2019, extending a yearslong surge in shootings that has persisted here even as other big cities have gotten safer. More than 150 people were killed in Maryland’s largest city through the end of June, marking a 17% increase in homicides over the same period last year. Counting non-fatal gunfire, more than 500 people were shot — an increase of more than 25% … Baltimore has seen more overall killings this year than New York despite that city being more than a dozen times its size.

In July 2018, The Daily Wire reported that according to USA Today, Baltimore police officers “stopped seeing crime” after facing harsh criticism from the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, who had been held in their custody. USA Today reported, “Police questioned fewer people on the street. They stopped fewer cars. Police officers reported seeing fewer drug dealers on street corners. They encountered fewer people who had open arrest warrants.”

One retired officer told USA Today, “These guys aren’t stupid. They realize that if they do something wrong, they’re going to get their head bit off. There’s no feeling that anybody’s behind them anymore, and they’re not going to do it. Nobody wants to put their head in the pizza oven when the pizza oven is on.”

According to areavibes, “Baltimore’s overall crime rate is 155% higher than the average of crimes committed in Maryland. It is also 153% higher than the national average. When it comes to violent crimes, Baltimore, MD shows a crime rate that is 305% higher than the Maryland average. The crime rate is also 429% higher than the national average.”

Video of the teens’ attack below:

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