It seems like Big Media has assigned its reporters, editors, journalists, head talkers, fact checkers and camera persons to permanent exile in the “he said-she said” cross generational, gender-bent mudwrestling pit normally reserved for election years.

Murders and misfortune are really local news stories. They become national news only when journalism’s finest decide to use them to push Big Media’s political agenda. That’s dangerous in the era of Trump, however, because they may lose control of the ball during a Trump Tweet Storm.

“Hey! What about climate change? If we don’t fix it we’re all gonna die!”

Well, I’ve got bad news for you. We’re all gonna die anyway, whether we fix it or not, regardless of if it’s true or false.

If you ask the media-sponsored Democrat debate candidates about America’s problems, they find only two: Trump is our president, and there’s not enough free stuff. Since each candidate believes they are the solution to the Trump problem, that leaves only free stuff to debate. Unless you think not enough free stuff is our biggest national problem, there is no Democrat asking for your vote.

The reality is that America does have its problems, just not the problems that Big Media and the Democrats want to talk about:

  • Any nation that loses control of its borders ceases to be a nation.
  • Any nation that cannot determine citizenship prior to voting has lost control of its government.
  • Any nation with a dual standard of justice – one for ordinary people, another for the wealthy, powerful, connected and famous – is a thugocracy, not a nation.
  • Any nation that allows the rich, powerful, connected and famous to exploit the weak, innocent and powerless for the gratification of the powerful is overdue for a revolution.

There is a common thread that runs through these issues. It’s the problem that Big Media, Democrats, Republicans and those at the top of the social heap don’t want to talk about. The problem is corruption. Maybe corruption is the magic sticky glue that is holding our dysfunctional world together?

  • Maybe corruption is the reason we don’t have a border wall down south? It’s so much easier for dirty politicians and gangsters to move drugs up to profitable America – even when you count the cost of payoffs in American dollars.
  • Maybe corruption is the reason we don’t have voter ID? If we did, the flood of illegals voting would spell the end of the Democrats’ disenfranchising American citizens with illegal votes.
  • Maybe corruption would be impossible without a dual standard of justice? One that lets those participating in corruption off easy?
  • Maybe corruption is what made our intelligence agencies think they ran the nation – because they held blackmail evidence on certain politicians?
  • Maybe corruption is what gave rise to the class of decadent perverts that became our ruling class? Maybe they not only owned others, but were owned themselves?

Or maybe the Democrats and Big Media are right. Maybe America’s only problems are that Trump is our president, and there’s not enough free stuff.

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