So far, my predictions for the last two years have come true:

Tariffs benefited the U.S. economically. The tax reforms decreased effective tax rates for average Americans and increased effective tax rates for the rich. By canceling Obama rules, regulations and executive orders, President Trump unleashed American business, growing U.S. GDP even though the economies of Europe and China were suffering. The Supreme Court issued a gerrymandering reversal, travel ban reversal, transgender military reversal and emolument dismissal. Trump won in negotiations concerning NATO, NAFTA, the EU, Canada and Mexico. Robert Mueller found no collusion/conspiracy. Trump does not have to provide his personal information to Congress. (The executive branch is not accountable to the legislative branch). U.S. oil independence hurt Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia by lowering oil prices more than 20 percent. BREXIT is happening. Nationalism is defeating globalism and sweeping across Europe and America even though Democrats/globalists are trying to make people think that nationalism is the same as supremacy (they are very different).

Check out more of my predictions in my WND archive.

By the way, China will soon capitulate. China needs access to the U.S. market much more than we need products from China. And Iran and North Korea will also capitulate as the United States is finally using its economic strength as a weapon against our enemies.

At the start of July, my predictions were:

1. that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would soon shut down “the Squad.”
2. that this whole impeachment thing would die a silent death by the end of the year.

So far, both predictions are on course to come true.

Trump’s approval ratings increased every time the quartet of congresswomen talked. The Squad is much too far left. Average working Americans heard them say “we women of color” and interpreted that as: Race First is more important to them than America First. Immigrants are more important to them than Americans.

The Mueller hearings were a swan song. There was no collusion or conspiracy. There is not enough evidence to prove obstruction, just subjective interpretations of events. Exoneration is not the job of a prosecutor. Therefore: no recommended indictment by Muller, meaning “not guilty,” and no recommendation by Mueller for impeachment, meaning, again, “not guilty.” Mueller agreed that a president “could” be indicted after he leaves office, which is not the same as “should” be indicted. He agreed in his testimony to “could,” not “should.”

The Squad and impeachment are losers for Democrats. Pelosi gets it. So do moderate Democrats.

Here are my next predictions for the 2020 election:

1. President Trump will run for reelection on his record of achievements and on immigration reform. The list of achievements is long … yuge! “Do you want to continue the course?” “Do you want to continue making America great?” “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” “Is the USA better off now than it was four years ago?” “Do you now want to ‘Keep America Great’?”

2. Democrats will continue to try to demonize Trump. They will use character attacks to try to distract from his accomplishments. Democrats will offer lots of freebees to buy votes (more socialism). In addition, Democrats will continue to play the race card and continue to “rub race raw” with identity politics. Democrats will use political race warfare to try to keep blacks and Hispanics from breaking ranks. If only 10 percent break ranks, then Democrats will suffer yugely in the 2020 election. The Democratic Party is dependent on black/Hispanic votes. Therefore, Democrats must constantly execute race warfare attacks. Anyone who disagrees with them will be labeled racist.

3. Just as with the national debates in 2016, the candidates will be asked if each will support the opposition if the opposition wins the election for president. Again, the Democratic candidate will answer “yes” just as Hillary did in 2016, which will be a lie, just as Hillary lied. Again, Trump will answer “maybe – it depends,” which will be the truth, and the media will chastise him for telling the truth again.

4. Thirteen states plus the District of Columbia recently passed legislation that commits all of their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the most popular votes in the national tally for president. That’s an attempt to negate the Electoral College without a constitutional amendment so that the national popular vote will determine the winner instead of the Electoral College. That is the “one man, one vote” democracy that gives tremendous influence to New York and California. All 13 states and D.C. are blue. They tried to bait “red” states into doing it also, but got no takers.

Here’s the prediction: Prior to the 2020 election, those blue states will reverse/negate that legislation. As it becomes clear that Trump might win the national popular vote, they will de-commit their support for “one man, one vote” democracy for fear that their Electoral College votes might have to go to Trump. Hypocrites. They will do it quietly without much coverage by the liberal media cartel, which will try to hide the reversal. At that point, the debate of popular vote vs. Electoral College will be over, done – at least for a while.

5. Whether Trump wins or not in 2020, immediately after the November election, Trump will issue pardons/commute sentences for Gen. Michael Flynn and others who got “entrapped” by the Mueller investigation for crimes that had nothing to with collusion/conspiracy. What about attorney Michael Cohen? No way. He broke his ethical responsibility of confidentiality to his client to try to save his own ass. Bye-bye, Cohen.

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