Bystanders in Manhattan rushed to the assistance of an NYPD officer who had gotten his hand caught in the trunk of his police cruiser.

What’s the story?

In a video that was released Tuesday and published by the Twitter account NYScanner, the officer can be seen standing behind his cruiser and directing a civilian, who walks up to the driver side door and opens it with a key. This man had a skateboard with him and was presumably just passing by.

The civilian looks inside the cruiser, but seems confused. and calls out “someone help, help, help!” and a second civilian jumps off another skateboard and also approaches the front of the car.

“It’s on the wheel,” the cop instructs them.

His hand can be seen stuck in the trunk near the right tail light.

“It’s next to the wheel,” the police officer says again, the pain evident in his voice.

By the end of the video, at least three bystanders are involved in trying to get the trunk open.

The video then jumps a few times to the point when the civilians apparently figured out how to open the trunk, and the officer removes his hand. He holds his hand limply and shakes his crushed fingers. Some of the fingers appear to be broken, but the low quality of the footage makes this difficult to tell.

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment from the New York Post or the Daily Mail.

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