Drunkblogging the Second Democratic Debate: Night One

With apologies to Prince…

Here we are folks, the dream we all dream of.

Dem versus Dem in the World Series of pandering.

As you’re probably aware, there are so many Democrats running for 2020 that the DNC requires each candidate to show a certain amount of support — poll numbers, number of unique donors — in order to appear on the debate stage. Even so, 20 candidates qualified, and that means two nights of debates with ten candidates each night. CNN drew the names at random, and lucky for them the four biggest guns got split up into two pairs on the two nights.

Me? I’m just here for the cocktails.

Tonight’s line up:

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA)

Senator Bernie Sanders (CPSU, Primorsk)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg (The Preachy Party, IN)

Former Congressman Robert Crimthand Domnall-Blathmac Embroidery “Beta” O’Rourke (D-Bag, TX)

Amy Klobuchar (Workers’ Family Labor and Teachers’ Party, MN or maybe WI)

Marianne Williamson (Summer of Love, CA)

Congressman (?) Tim Ryan (???)

Former Governor John Hickenlooper (D-for-Desperate, CO)

John Delaney and/or Steve Bullock (Who?)

That’s the roster, and this is the end of the drunkblog intro. Everything you see under this will be up-to-the-minute cocktail-fueled live-blogging. No need to hit that Refresh button, because PJMedia’s tech is just that super-advanced.

Enjoy the show, and please, no wagering.

CNN’s pre-debate panel is giving a good preview of the Dems’ “moderate” versus “progressive” fight… by fighting amongst themselves.

Here’s a preview:

Sure he ran it. He just never said he ran it very well.

Tom Perez shouting about keeping things civil is…

Well, drink ’em if you got ’em.

It’s fun for once watching the DNC bigwigs warm up the crowd.

The state party chair — I’m afraid I didn’t catch her name — ranted about all of Michigan’s many grievances. You know: lousy infrastructure, drinking water you can’t drink, failing schools. All problems created on the Democrats’ watch, who have largely run the state and cities for so long. Apparently, this is supposed to sell people on voting for more Democrats.

I am… not sold.

But what do I know — I’m just here for the cocktails.

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