A left-wing “Border Resistance Convergence” is looking to descend upon El Paso, Texas, on Sept. 1 to “shut down ICE” and stage “10 days of trainings and direct actions” — and is “calling on affinity groups everywhere to come together and help us address U.S.-funded genocide and local concentration camps.”

Here’s some related artwork:

Image source: Twitter

One major rule

“This convergence is being run by Indigenous & QTPOC (Queer, trans, people of color) leadership, and anyone who passively or aggressively disrespects that will be asked to leave,” the website says.

‘White comrades’ needed

The site adds that locals are opening up their houses — but only to “host QTPOC folks that are traveling to El Paso.” Beyond that, the site says “we are very much relying on white comrades to donate money and throw down on renting temporary spaces for our more vulnerable friends as camping can affect us all in different ways. There is very nice camping within the ‘city limits’ of El Paso.”

Travel funds available — but not for everybody

Needing some cash to get there? “There are travel funds available but limited for POC (people of color), trainers and collectives offering specific skills,” the site says.

How are folks reacting to the planned event?

Upon reading the tweet describing the “Border Resistance Convergence,” some folks were none too pleased:

  • “We Texans don’t want you here and will NOT tolerate your shenanigans here. We believe in self defense and we support our (ICE) officers here 110%. Better think twice, bc TEXAS isn’t Portland.”
  • “Bikers for Trump will be there!”
  • “You little people might want to rethink this. Just sayin’.”
  • “I have contributed to the wall twice. Today I will contribute again.”
  • “You all know that majority of Texans carry, right? Texas doesn’t play!!”
  • “In the history of bad ideas, this is close to the top of the list. Texans are a different type of people. We don’t take to being shoved.”
  • “So I’m convinced this is either The Onion, some weird performance art, or a GOP plan to convert large numbers of Americans into Trump voters. Oh, and suicide. It could also be an act of suicide.”

Oh, and this one:

Image source: Twitter

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