Ten Democrats will take the stage in Detroit, Michigan, on Tuesday evening for CNN’s presidential debate.

Those debating on Tuesday evening include: Marianne Williamson, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX), former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, former Rep. John Delaney (D-MD), Montana Gov. Steve Bullock.

Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, and Don Lemon will moderate tonight’s debate and tomorrow’s.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

9:55 PM: Ryan says the country’s wealth has been transferred to the 1% or China. He calls for a Chief Manufacturing Officer who will ensure electric vehicles and solar panels are built in America. When pressed on whether he will support Trump’s tariffs, he says he would have to reevaluate because Trump, who he says is all tactics and no strategy, has “bungled” them.

Beto says tariffs are a mistake and trade war without allies is also a mistake. Hickenlooper says trade wars are for “losers.”

9:45 PM: Lemon asks Klobuchar what she would say to Trump voters who prioritize the economy over his racism. She says little kids woke up and heard the president refer to Baltimore as nothing more than a town of rats. She says economic opportunity means economic opportunity for everyone… she says the African-American community must be helped but so should rural Americans.

Beto wants to touch upon the very foundation of the country. “It was literally on the back of those who were kidnapped and brought here by force.” He says the legacy of Jim Crow is alive in well in every aspect of society. He says he will sign Jackson-Lee’s reparations bill into law.

Williamson says $500 billion in payments of debt that is owed is her plan. She says America will not heal unless reparations are paid. She says the economic gap between blacks and whites comes from a “great injustice that has never been dealt with” — 250 years of slavery + 100 years of “domestic terrorism.”

Sanders touts his Thurgood Marshall plan.

9:40 PM: Warren says we need to call out white supremacy for what it is — “domestic terrorism.” Lemon teed up the question for Warren. She says she has a plan for education that says we have to build a better education system while acknowledging what has happened on race…$50 billion for HBCUs and cancels student loan debt for 95% of people with debt.

Buttigieg says the “racial divide lives within me” when asked about how he can convince black Democrats to vote for him given he has not handled race issues as well as he could have in South Bend. He talks about his Douglass Plan that he recently released and says systemic racism touches every aspect of American life. He says black people’s pain is treated less seriously when they go to the ER.

9:39 PM: Debate turns to race. Lemon tees up a question for Beto on how he would best confront Trump on race. Beto blasts Trump for his “go back” comments. He says “hate crimes are on the rise” and a Mosque in Texas was burned to the ground when Trump signed the travel ban. Beto says we must embrace our differences and talks up El Paso–says it is the safest city because and not despite of immigrants.

Hickenlooper speaks about an “urban agenda,” and he says he did major police reform 10 years before Ferguson.

9:35 PM: Buttigieg with a strong answer about needing to beat Trump to get climate change policies enacted. He says he will be a veteran who will call Trump out on his bone spurs. He accuses Trump of playing his voters for suckers–says wages are not rising and all Trump has done is give corporations and the rich tax cuts.

Williamson says Flint is just the tip of the iceberg. She says Denmark, South Carolina, could be the next Flint. She says she lived in Grosse Point and what happened in Flint would not have happened in Grosse Point and talks about environmental justices.

9:25 PM: Warren talks about her $2 trillion plan for a green industrial policy. She says anyone in the world can use the innovations that come from it so long as it is built in America.

Hickenlooper rails against guaranteeing a job to everyone who wants one… He then talks about building bridges with countries like China to deal with climate change.

Warren says she put a real policy on the table and nobody wants to talk about it and instead just throw out “Republican talking points.” She says Washington works great for oil companies but not for regular people.

9:21 PM: Klobuchar, when asked who is making promises just to get elected, punts. But she dismisses plans to give free college to wealthy kids.

9:16 PM: Warren asked if she says she is a capitalist to assure voters she is a safer choice than Sanders. Warren says she is a fighter who took on Wall Street, banks, and CEOs and beat them. She says people said Obama and Trump could not be elected. She says “we can’t choose a candidate we don’t believe in” just because Democrats are too scared to do anything else. She says Democrats should not convince other Democrats to vote for candidates they don’t believe in. That’s potentially a future argument against Biden.

Warren rips Hickenlooper and says why bother running for president just to tell people what we can’t do. She says the biggest issue in DC is corruption and Democrats need to have the courage to fight back. She says the healthcare industry does not have a “God-given right to suck money” out of the system.

Sanders says it will be tough to defeat Trump and Democrats need to excite the base and voters. He talks about eliminating college debt.

From NBC: Google: 1 hour into #DemDebate, how the candidates have changed in search interest:

1. Delaney +3,400%
2. Ryan +3,200%
3. Hickenlooper +2,500%
4. Bullock +1,400%
5. Klobuchar +1,100%
6. O’Rourke +900%
7. Williamson +900%
8. Buttigieg +850%
9. Warren +450%
10. Sanders +350%

9:13 PM: Sanders makes the argument that every poll has had him defeating Trump, even in key swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Sanders articulating the electability argument that his campaign has been constantly touting. Sanders has been polling better against Trump than most of the Democrats not named Biden.

9:11 PM: Hickenlooper says you might as well “FedEx the election to Donald Trump” if Democrats go all-in on far-left policies like the Green New Deal that Sanders backs.

9:00 PM: On gun control, Buttigieg says he was the first generation to see school shootings. Says we have produced a second and “we dare not allow there to be a third” before saying “something is broken.” He says school shootings is the worst part of being a mayor and high school is tough enough without having to worry about “whether you’re going to get shot.”

Sanders touts his D- rating on gun control. He says he will take on the NRA and expand universal background checks and do away with the gun-show loophole.

Buttigieg talks about needing structural reform like giving DC statehood, abolish electoral college, reform the Supreme Court, Constitutional amendments to better enact gun control measures.

Williamson says it’s time to start over with people who have not taken donations from corporations and doesn’t blame Americans for thinking politicians are all  “yada yada yada.”

8:56 PM: Williamson says Democrats need to talk about not just about symptoms but the causes of all of these illnesses. Williamson talks about how we have “sickness care.”

8:51 PM: Bullock says Democrats who want to offer health care to illegal immigrants and decriminalize illegal immigration are disconnected from most of America.

Tim Ryan says if people want to come into the country, they should at least “ring the doorbell.” He says you don’t decriminalize people just walking into the United States. He says “undocumented people can buy health care too” and it is not a stretch to ask them to pay for their health care.

8:50 PM: Sanders, when asked why offering free health care and college to illegals will not encourage more to come, mumbles something about strong border security. He immediately and nervously changes the subject and criticizes Trump for being a xenophobe who is “demonizing” migrants.

8:45 PM: Debate turns to immigration. Buttigieg asked if he will decriminalize illegal immigration…. He says illegal border crossings will be illegal if he becomes president. He claims Americans want comprehensive immigration reform. He says civil penalties for illegal border crossing unless fraud is involved. He says raising hands = everything wrong with debates. Bash strangely cuts him off.

Warren, on decriminalization of illegal immigration, says the criminalization statute gives Trump the ability to separate families. She says what we can’t do is “not live our values.” She says the point is not about criminalization and tries to dodge the question about having seen “cages of babies” at the border.

8:35 PM: Buttigieg talks about Medicare for all who want it but also dodges the question about whether middle-class taxes will increase.

Beto talks about his Medicare for America plan and says middle-class taxes will not be raised. He says people like Bullock, who spoke about “wish-list economics,” just want to change Obamacare “on the edges.”

Klobuchar says she was depicted as a “street fighter from the Iron Range”

Sanders insists health care is not a business and points out the healthcare industry will run ads on CNN. He is testy and accuses Tapper of using Republican “talking points” re: Medicare for all. His campaign manager on Sunday accused the establishment media of being biased in favor of corporatist positions.

Warren says doctors and patients need to fill out so many forms because “it gives the insurance companies a chance to say no.”

Williamson says she is normally out there with Warren and Sanders but on health care, their ideas may make it difficult to win and govern.

Buttigieg, as he has said many times, says Republicans will call Democrats crazy socialists whether they adopt conservative of far-left policies. So he tells Williamson Democrats should not be concerned about what Republicans think.

8:26 PM: Sanders says people come out of hospitals in Canada without a bill. He says Delaney is wrong with his criticisms. He says health care is a human right that he will fight for.

Delaney says he is not about “subtraction”–telling half the country that “your health insurance is illegal.”

Warren says Democrats are not about trying to take away health care from anyone. She says that’s what Republicans are trying to do and Democrats should stop using Republican talking points. Warren name-checks Ady Barkin and gets cut off (Tapper criticized for not having good social IQ re: debate flow just like Chuck Todd):

Warren says Barkin, who is dying from ALS, has great health insurance and it is still not working for him. Warren says costs will go down for middle-class families and costs will go up for corporations.

8:16 PM: Candidates actually get opening statements.

Bullock says he’s a pro-choice, pro-union, populist Democrat who won three elections in a red state. He says working-class Americans aren’t waiting for a “revolution.”

Williamson says Americans must rise up again against an amoral economic system like they did during the abolition movement. She says conventional politics is not the answer.

Delaney says Democrats go down the road Sanders and Warren want to take us —Medicare for all and “free everything.” He compares them to Mondale, McGovern, and Dukakis and says they will turn off independent voters. He says he’s a product of the American dream and the son of a construction worker. He says he is about real solutions and not impossible promises.

Ryan—American is great but not everyone can access America’s greatness.

Hickenlooper — He talks about opening up his craft brewery and becoming a top mayor and governor. He says he beat the NRA and did not expand government.

Klobuchar — “Let’s get real.” She talks about her blue-collar background and says “we come from a country of shared dreams.” She says she has had it with a racist president. She says she has “bold ideas” that are “grounded in reality.” She says she is from the Midwest and has won every race. 

Beto — He says America will redeem itself and stand up to a cruel president. He speaks about a country where “each one of us is well enough and educated enough and paid enough to realize our full potential.

Buttigieg — He says he is running for president because the country is “running out of time.” He talks about endless wars, climate change, and an economy that is not working for everyone. He says Democrats must summon the courage to walk away from the past and try something different. He says 12 years before “we reach the horizon of catastrophe.”

Warren — She says Trump, who “disgraces” the presidency every day,  favors a rigged system that has “kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else.” She says Democrats will not win with “small ideas and spinelessness.” She calls for Democrats to be the party of big structural change.

Sanders — He blasts Amazon for not paying a nickel in federal income tax while Americans are homeless. He says fossil fuel industry gets billions in tax breaks while destroying the environment. It seemed like he was channeling a bit of Mario Cuomo and John Edwards before tapering off.

8:15 PM: The Heartland’s Tim Ryan (D-OH), perhaps looking for Megan Rapinoe’s endorsement, does not put his hand over his heart:

8:10 PM: CNN filling up time… Has feel of a wrestling match with very long intros to eat up time.

8:05 PM: Candidates are introduced and appear on stage. Warren pats Sanders on the back.

7:55 PM: Democrats will try not to give the Trump campaign more material for campaign ads:

7:50 PM: The winner tonight could be former Vice President Joe Biden, who will be on stage tomorrow with nine other Democrats, if the so-called “Mod Squad” decides to go after Sanders and Warren and make the argument that Democrats must nominate a more centrist candidate to better defeat President Donald Trump.

7:45 PM: The Pundit/Strategist/Campaign Manager/Communications Director/Tactician-in-Chief will be watching as always:

7:35 PM: Many Democrats still wondering why the popular Montana governor is not running for Senate:

7:30 PM: Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, and O’Rourke have already qualified for the next round of debates. Klobuchar is on the fence. Williamson, Ryan, Delaney, Hickenlooper, and Bullock are unlikely to qualify for the next round of debates, and this could be their last debate unless they have a breakout moment and then capitalize on it in the next couple of weeks.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak is at the debate in Motown:

Black Lives Matter protesters confronting police:

(Photos: Joel Pollak/Breitbart News)

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