Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is blaming President Trump and racism for the city of Baltimore’s well-documented crime, poverty, rodent, and despair problems.

He is doing this even though, by any objective measure, Trump has done more for black Americans than any president in decades, including our first black president.

Thanks to Trump’s economic and immigration policies, black unemployment is at its lowest level EVER. And I add “immigration policies” to that mix because illegal aliens are helping to devastate the inner-cities that are all run by Democrats who give sanctuary to the same illegals who steal countless starter jobs from the inner-city youth who need them most.

What’s more, Trump did something our first black president could not… he signed criminal justice reform into law.

Trump’s crusade to solve America’s opioid problem is resulting in the first drop in opioid deaths we have seen in decades.

And finally, there is this

President Donald Trump highlighted Baltimore City during a White House ceremony Wednesday afternoon as he signed an executive order focused on so-called opportunity zones.

Opportunity zones are under-served and distressed communities where tax incentives are offered for private investment.

Baltimore preacher Donte Hickman, who attended Wednesday’s ceremony, told the president that Baltimore is prepared to be a demonstration project.

That’s from December of last year. That’s Trump focusing on Baltimore with $16 billion dollars in federal grants for just one year — 2018.

Nevertheless, here’s Elijah Cummings blaming Trump and raaaaaaacism for the dystopia that is Baltimore, that is the district he represents:

How about some facts…?

You interested in some facts?

Here’s a look at the Baltimore City Council, where nine out of 15 council members and the council president (a city-wide elected position) are black — oh, and they are all, all of them, every single one — a Democrat.

Here’s a look at Baltimore’s Mayor — a black man and, naturally, a Democrat.

And here’s a look at the guy who has represented Baltimore for 36 years — 13 years as a state representative and 23 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Since 1987, Baltimore has only had one mayor who was not black.

Since the office of City Council President was established in 1923, almost 100 years ago, that office has never once been held by a Republican.

Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor in 52 — 52! — years.

There has not been even one Republican elected to the Baltimore City Council since 1942 — 77 years!

In other words, for 77 years, the Baltimore City Council has been made up exclusively by Democrats.

In the state of Maryland, Democrats have had total control of both the Maryland House and Senate since 1918 — 101 years!

So what we have here is a city run exclusively by Democrats for more than a half-century that is…

And here’s a little lol to brighten your day…

So what we have here is a failed city.

But let’s be generous. Let’s accept Cummings’ premise that racism caused all of Baltimore’s problems… And let’s give him credit for admitting Baltimore does have a problem… And let’s accept the far-left Baltimore Sun’s premise (the piece Cummings links to back up his stupid racism claim) that none of this is Cummings’ fault.

How much more time does Cummings want to fix these problems?

The man has already had 36 years, and Democrats, at both the local and state level,  have already had more than 50 years. So how much time more do Cummings and the Democrats want to fix Baltimore?

And how much more time is the Baltimore Sun willing to give to Cummings and Democrats?

It’s a stupid question because this is not about fixing Baltimore; it is has never been about making life better for the people of Baltimore.

Despair and dependency are what Democrats peddle.

To Democrats and their allies in the establishment media, Baltimore is a roaring success because Democrats enjoy one-party rule and have enjoyed one-party for a half century.

Democrats and CNN and NBC News and the Baltimore Sun and the New York Times and the Washington Post don’t judge success based on prosperity or safety or a thriving population. They judge success only by how much power Democrats hold, and in Baltimore they hold all the power, so why fix what isn’t broken?

And this is precisely what Democrat segregationists did during their monstrous Jim Crow era in the segregated South: divide people on race, keep them distracted with ginned up through shameless race-baiting so voters never bother to vote for things that actually matter, like their standard of living and safety and the future of their children.

Decent people, after 36 years of incontrovertible failure, would have the decency to either rethink their policies or step aside… But Elijah Cummings is not a decent person. He’s a demagogue who feasts off despair, who exploits his own people to enrich and empower himself, who enforces racial segregation by demonizing those who have not touched a lever of power in his city for 50 years, and who knows that the key to holding on to his power is to never allow anything to improve.

See also: “Baltimore Is a Democrat Problem, Not America’s Problem.”

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