Leftist actor Robert De Niro is ready to move past his portrayal of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live.

“[A]s Robert Mueller vanishes from public scrutiny, my opportunities to play him will fade, as well,” he wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post on Monday. “It’s okay. I’m ready to move on. I think I could do a really good Jerry Nadler, my own great congressman and the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.”

De Niro said although he did not want to criticize Mueller’s performance in Congress, he said his approach would be “different.”

De Niro detailed his dream testimony in front of Congress, where he would “dropped an f-bomb or two or eight” to discuss the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump.

It’s not the first time De Niro would dropped f-bombs to discuss the president. The New York-based actor launched a “fuck Trump” rant during the Tony awards in 2018, and delivered a similar speech at the American Icon Awards in 2019.

But De Niro argued that Mueller put “country and integrity first” last week during his testimony and did not appear in congress to win any Oscars.

De Niro played Mueller during a 2018 Saturday Night Live Christmas special surrounding Mueller, who was a champion for leftists who believed he would help impeach Trump with his investigation or possibly put him in chains.

De Niro saved his real ire for members of Congress, arguing that Mueller’s testimony still contained everything needed to begin impeachment proceedings for the president.

“We deserve better,” he wrote. “House of Representatives, take action. Mueller handed you the evidence; the Constitution gives you the authority; the people gave you the power. History demands you use it.”

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