This week, the ACLU came out in support of the two biological males who have been dominating the girls track and field circuit in Connecticut. For two years now, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood — with their ample supply of testosterone, and longer legs, and greater muscle mass, and larger lungs, and larger hearts — have been snatching up gold medals with times that would barely place them in the top twenty if they were racing against the boys. The ACLU dismisses all talk of biological advantages as mere “stereotypes” and urges us to sign a pledge supporting the two transgender athletes. This isn’t the first time these young men have been celebrated as heroes. A few months ago, Bleacher Report ran a glowing profile of Yearwood, portraying “her” as a gusty champion of equality. In reality, he is just a mediocre male athlete who decided that the best way to get a gold medal in the trophy case is to steal it.

Real, actual, biological girls who are having opportunities and accolades stolen from them won’t necessarily find any respite once they graduate high school. A guy named Craig — he now goes by CeCe — is breaking records in women’s track at the college level. But at least these men are merely breaking records. Fallon Fox, a biological male, was breaking women’s faces in MMA before finally retiring. One of his victims in the ring, who suffered a fractured orbital bone and a concussion, said she felt helpless and “overpowered.” Of course she did.

Speaking of being overpowered, a professional weightlifter named Laurel Hubbard recently decided to become a woman after years of competing against men. He went on to win gold at the Pacific Games in Samoa last week. Some people — the sane ones — are petitioning to prevent Hubbard from competing in women’s heavyweight events from now on, but they are meeting resistance from the woke and enlightened elements in society. Many leftists are simply ignoring the destruction of women’s sports as it happens right in front of them, but some are actively cheering it on and facilitating it.

I, of course, have always been staunchly opposed to the male invasion of female sports. The notion is so self-evidently absurd that it barely requires a rebuttal. Reasonable people do not need the issue explained to them. We know that men and women are different. We know that men have physical advantages. We know that men don’t in any meaningful sense actually become women just because they feel like one and declare themselves to be one. This is all, as I said, self-evident.

But I must admit there is a part of me — an admittedly cynical and vengeful part of me — that thinks we should just let the Left prevail on this issue. Perhaps we should allow them to do exactly what they’re trying to do: abolish women’s sports. There is something to be said for sitting back, kicking up our feet, and waiting for the inevitable and not-far-off day when the top competitors in every women’s sport at every level are men. If we stopped resisting, I think the time will shortly come when entire teams of testosterone-fueled men are winning basketball and soccer championships against women. There would certainly be nothing preventing that eventuality, if the Left has its way.

So, maybe they should have their way then. Let them reap what they sow. Let them — let everyone — experience the very real and tangible consequences of progressive ideology in action. It is one thing to argue about leftist gender theory in the abstract. It is another thing to see the lunacy manifested before you, in the form of a 6’5″ male putting up 80 points a game in women’s basketball. That could be an educational experience that our country needs. I can sit here all day and insist that the Left’s claims about gender are crazy and destructive. Sometimes, though, it is better to show than tell.

If your child doesn’t take your warnings about the hot stove seriously, eventually he is going to have to touch it himself and learn the hard way. We may now be at a point where our culture needs to learn the hard way. And the “hard way” will involve the total dismantling of women’s sports and the undoing of nearly everything feminists have worked for over the past several decades. So be it, I say.

At least, that is what part of me wants to say.

In the end, I cannot fully adopt this strategy — as much as I see the appeal and the potential effectiveness of it — because leftists will not be the ones first and foremost punished. The people who will really feel the burn of the stove are the girls whose sports are taken from them. I have a daughter who might want to be an athlete one day. Why should she suffer, why should she be punished, for the sins of deranged leftists who are so drunk on their ideology that they can’t tell the difference between boys and girls anymore? I want leftists to taste their own medicine, but I don’t think innocent girls should have to taste it. And that’s the conundrum. I’m not sure how best to navigate it.

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