Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) scolded the Democrat audience at CNN’s Tuesday night debate for chuckling after she tried to go back to a prepared talking point during an exchange on Medicare for All, looking at them directly and stating, “This isn’t funny!”

The contentious exchange came as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tried to defend his Medicare for All position, particularly from criticism by John Delaney (D). Warren jumped into the mix to defend her shared position with Sanders and started telling the story of her friend Eddie, who has ALS.

“We should stop using Republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide for their health care,” she said, shifting to her personal story.

“He has ALS, and it’s killing him,” she said. “He has health insurance – good health insurance – and it’s not nearly enough.”

Jake Tapper cut Warren off and asked if she was “with Bernie” on Medicare for All, particularly when it comes to raising taxes on the middle class to pay for it.

“So giant corporations and billionaires are going to pay more. Middle-class families are going to pay less out of pocket for their health care. And I’d like to finish talking about Ed, the guy who has ALS,” Warren said, with her pivot triggering chuckles from members of the audience.

“This isn’t funny,” Warren said to the audience. “This is somebody who has health insurance and is dying. And every month, he has about $9,000 in medical bills that his insurance company won’t cover.”

“His wife Rachel is on the phone for hours and hours and hours begging the insurance company please cover what the doctor says he needs,” she continued.

“The basic profit model of an insurance company is to take as much money as you can … and pay out as little as possible in health care coverage. That is not working for Americans across this country and Medicare for All will fix that, and that’s why I’ll fight for it,” she added.

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