A 10-year-old Michigan boy was reportedly charged with aggravated assault after he hit another boy during recess when they were playing a game similar to dodgeball.

NBC News reported, “The incident happened in April when students at Eriksson Elementary School in Canton Township, Michigan, were playing a game called tips, which is similar to dodgeball, according to a Facebook fundraiser posted last week by the boy’s mother, Carmeishi Triplett Lindley.”

Lindley wrote:

On 4/30/19, Bryce was suspended from Plymouth/Canton schools, Erikkson Elementary, for throwing a ball back at a student during recess, while playing a game called TIPS/ DODGEBALL. The ball that Bryce threw “allegedly” resulted in the other student having a concussion. After meeting with the Principal about why Bryce was suspended while the other students who fully participated in this game were not, the Principal disclosed that the injured student has a pre-existing condition, “Chronic brain stem infliction…” Clearly, this student should not have been playing a physical contact sport. This student’s mother is also a teacher in the local area. Today, I was put on notice that Bryce, a 10-year old, my son, is being charged with aggravated assault in the 3rd Circuit Juvenile Court in Detroit, Michigan.

Lindley told WXYZ, “These kids are basically playing a game we all have played.” A police report stated that her son intentionally threw the ball at the injured boy’s face; WXYZ reported that the medical records stated the injured boy suffered a concussion.

The mother of the injured boy stated, “He sustained facial issue damage to his face. He had a black eye and a bruised nose.” She said her child had been victimized before and she had informed the school prior to the incident with Lindley. She added, “I tried not to let it get to this point … My son was hit twice in the face with a ball previously due to this. The child apologized to my son and my son said ‘mom it’s okay we’re still going to be friends.’”

A spokesperson for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools told NBC News that the incident was “handled by the school district in accordance with the applicable district policies and the Student Code of Conduct … The district is unable to comment on how or when any criminal authority involvement occurred. Additionally, since the matter was initially handled by the school district in April, the district has had no further involvement in this matter.”

Lindley later stated that the fundraiser for legal expenses had more than achieved its goal; writing, “Not only did Bryce’s legal defense fund reach its goal, it far exceeded it. For now, I’ve decided to leave the gofundme account up until the hearing is held on Thursday. This will allow me to know where we stand with legal fees that can rise very quickly. Either there will be a flat fee if this matter is resolved without a trial or there will be additional legal fees should this case go to trial … Thank you for being on this journey with us.”

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