Drunkblogging the Second Democratic Debate: Night Two

And then there were ten.

There were ten last night, too, but this is a different ten. Sadly, Thunderdome rules do not apply, and everyone who walks on the stage will also walk off it. Officially I think of the 25 announced candidates, only Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell has dropped out. And the DNC’s admission rules are still lax enough that 20 out of 24 made the cut.

The field is expected to winnow quickly now, hopefully fast enough that the debate will need only one round. Your sanity requires it. So does my liver.

Tonight’s lineup:

Barack Obama’s Former Vice President Joe Biden, who would like to remind you he served with Barack Obama during the Obama Administration

Senator Michael Bennet (Colorado)

Senator Kamala Harris (Poopville, CA)

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang (Somewhere very nice, you can be sure)

Failed (But Not Former) Mayor Bill de Blasio (New York City)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Last seen acting very presidential wearing a T-shirt and doing shots, NY)

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii, wish you were there)

Julian Jay Inslee-Castro (I’ll have to get back to you on this one)

Spartacus (Ancient Rome)

That’s only nine, but I can’t remember who I forgot.

I’m told that the liveblog’s auto-refresh feature is working again, so no need to hit that reload button. Just pour yourself something tasty, grab a comfy seat, and enjoy the show.

The big talk leading up to tonight is that Joe Biden promises to be less “polite,” after the drubbing Kamala Harris have him last month. And that Cory Booker has all but promised to go after the same wound Harris opened.

Biden — he of the “they gonna put y’all back in chains — can be a nasty, gutter-level pol. But does he have the fire still?

And can Cory “Lo-T” Booker deliver the goods?

CNN has also opened up their web-streaming to non-subscribers (like me) for the evening.

An important reminder from reader AWM907 in the comments, for those who (like me) have cut the cable cord: You can stream the debate here.

A few of your PJMedia favorites are tweeting along with the fun.

Look for hashtag #PJMDrunkblog.

Thanks, Chris, for putting it so succinctly instead of straying into B-movie territory like I did.

I’m trying to be a conscientious drunkblogger, I really am. But I had to draw the line at listening to Tom Perez do his spiel two nights in a row, and muted the CNN feed.

There’s something about him that makes me of early David Cronenberg movie villains. I can totally picture him doing a different take on the Michael Ironside role in Scanners, and if anybody could bring the creep-factor like James Woods brought to Videodrome, it’s Perez.

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