Tuesday during CNN’s post-Democratic debate analysis programming, 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson called the U.S. economy a “sociopathic economic system,” which she said was “heartless.”

When asked what does a moral uprising look like, Williamson said, “It means that you realize how much of our public policy is heartless. As soon as we bought in, and this began 40 years ago, as soon as we allowed an amoral, what is essentially a sociopathic economic system to take hold and corrupt our government like it does.”

She continued, “What do I mean by that? When I was a child, the corporation was expected to care. The American corporation was expected to care if somebody worked at the corporation for decades, that they had a dignified retirement. Once we bought into trickle-down economic theory where all that matters fiduciary responsibility to the stockholders, even if it’s at the expense of other stakeholders such as the workers, such as the environment, such as the community, we split ourselves off from my soul, ethics, conscience, remorse. That is what a sociopath is. What it has done, it has made us a heartless country.”

She added, “When when you have in the richest country in the world children who go to school hungry, asking the teacher, do you have anything to eat? That’s heartless. When you have people who are hungry and you do not feed them, when you have children who need educate asking you do not educate them, when you have tax policies and other economic policies that make it so much easier for the already rich to get richer and more difficult for anyone else to make it at all, this is heartless. It is divorced from ethics. It is divorced from morality. That always leads to disaster, whether for an individual or a nation.”

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