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During Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate on CNN, Sens. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) tried to out leftist each other. They were attacked by supposed moderates on the dais for proposals that would end in electoral disaster. Validation of that notion came from a surprising source, an MSNBC analyst who showed polling that confirms just how out of the mainstream these issues are.

After the debate, MSNBC’s Brian Williams tossed it over to NBC News national political correspondent Steve Kornacki to go over recent polling on a whole host of left-wing policies. On issue after issue, ideas that poll well with the Democratic base poll horribly with the electorate as a whole.

On Medicare for All with no private insurance, Democratic voters support it by a 2-to-1 margin while a majority of all voters think it is a bad idea. On the notion of free health care for illegal immigrants, the difference is even greater.

Make no mistake, despite these numbers media types like those at MSNBC and CNN will continue to denigrate President Trump and support his Democratic opponents. The so-called “moderate” Democrats will govern just as far left as Warren or Sanders, they just won’t tell you they will when running.

MSNBC is providing them cover.

Snopes jumps the shark …

There can no longer be any doubt about it. Snopes is a tool of the left-wing media-tech machine. They’ve once again taken aim at Christian satire site the Babylon Bee with a “fact-check.” Unlike previous attempts, this time Snopes is openly questioning whether the Babylon Bee is actually satire or merely a fake news engine. The Bee is fighting back.

Tech giants have partnered with so-called fact-checking sites like Snopes in order to fight “fake news.” Like most of its peers, Snopes veered away from calling straight balls and strikes and decided to opine on the motives behind the posts.

As TheBlaze’s Chris Pandolfo reported, the Bee’s founder and editor Adam Ford tweeted that Snopes “veered toward pronouncing a moral judgment, assigning motives, and presuming to dictate — to one of the most popular satire sites on the planet — what does and does not count as satire.”

What Snopes is afraid of is that the Bee’s satire does what all good satire aims to do — change hearts and minds. Thus they must be labeled as fake news so that the tech algorithms that Snopes provides input to will downgrade the Bee’s often viral content.

It’s the latest in the media and tech war to silence conservatives.

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