Barack Obama was the “best U.S. president in history,” college students overwhelmingly declared in a new poll.

The College Pulse poll surveyed 8,112 students to determine the outcome, and Obama nabbed 1,744 — or 22 percent — of the votes.

So, which presidents came next?

Obama’s vote total far exceeded that of the president who came in second, which was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who received 1,140 — or 14 percent — of the votes.

But what about Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery and persevered though the Civil War, keeping America intact? Well, he wasn’t too far behind Roosevelt, nabbing 1,121 votes.

George Washington — our first president who guided the United States through the Revolutionary War — got a little more than half of Obama’s votes (931).

Other former presidents

Down further in the pack were the following former presidents:

  • Ronald Reagan: 530 votes (7 percent)
  • Theodore Roosevelt: 490 votes (6 percent)
  • John F. Kennedy: 439 votes (6 percent)
  • George W. Bush: 124 votes (2 percent)
  • Thomas Jefferson: 107 votes (1 percent)
  • Bill Clinton: 75 votes (1 percent)
  • Jimmy Carter: 67 votes (1 percent)
  • Richard Nixon: 31 votes (0 percent)
  • George H.W. Bush: 4 votes (0 percent)

And President Trump?

Despite President Donald Trump not exactly being a favorite on today’s decidedly left-wing college campuses, he managed to garner 489 votes — just one behind Theodore Roosevelt — for 6 percent.

Anything else?

The College Pulse poll outcome echoes a survey conducted last year that showed over half of young Americans — specifically those in Generation Z, ages 14 to 21 — believe Obama had a bigger impact on the U.S. than Washington.

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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