On Thursday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan discusses what’s really behind the Democrats’ desire to have Michelle Obama run for president. Video and partial transcript below:

You know, it’s funny. Just my take, I was watching some of the Democrats reacting to the Democrats, [by that] I mean the press. [They were] reacting to the debate, and I think they have this sinking feeling. There is this idea that the left-wing ideas of the people who are being reasonable, who don’t want to spend all our money, and don’t want to offer people all the stuff that we can’t pay for, and that wouldn’t work, and would take our freedoms away — those people are the second-tier candidates. It’s the Elizabeth Warrens and the you know, Bernie Sanders, who are in the lead. And then there’s Joe Biden and Joe Biden is in this weird position, in that people like him because he looks normal. He represents normalcy. He’s been around for 150 years, so he’s not a swamp creature. He is just basically saying, “You can trust me. I’m your old pal Joe,” even though he obviously stands for nothing. He caves in whenever he’s under pressure. He judges the audience, he judges the voters, without really having any principles to bring to bear. Even so, he reminds people of normalcy. But he’s kind of dull, and a little bit doddering, and no one knows whether to believe anything he says or not.

And so, it was really interesting, Michael Moore, he was on either CNN or MSNBC. What’s the difference? Michael Moore the filmmaker, the radical filmmaker went on a 12-minute rant. It was MSNBC which ended with this. Before I play it, I just want to remind you that Moore, as he reminded people, said that Trump was going to win in the last election. Moore’s superpower is that he is from Detroit Michigan. He is from a working-class background, and so he has some feel — unlike a lot of these people — he has some feel for what ordinary people are thinking, and that’s why he knew Trump was going to win. And this is what he said:

MOORE: Who can crush Trump? Who’s the street fighter? We saw it in Bernie last night. Who’s the street fighter that can crush Trump? And frankly I think there’s a person that could do this if the election were held today. There is one person that would crush Trump. And she hasn’t announced yet. And her last name rhymes with Obama, [it] is Obama. Michelle Obama. Everybody watching this right now, knows she is a beloved American. And she would go in there and she would beat him. She would beat him in the debates, he wouldn’t be able to bully her. He wouldn’t be able to nickname her. She is beloved.

You know, it’s interesting. He’s making a good point and it could happen. I mean, we all have noticed that Barack Obama has not endorsed Joe Biden, and why not, you know? Is he holding fire? Does he hate Joe, no. I mean, he may be waiting to see what Michelle wants to do. Plus, Michelle’s autobiography which I have not yet read, but I hear that every conservative should read it because it really sells her as kind of the all-American story. The true up and comer.

She’s got all the identity politics that the Left wants, she’s a woman, she’s black. They loved Obama, and it’s an interesting thing because she is a beloved American. There’s just no getting around that, Moore is just telling the truth. She’s a beloved American. The question is are people going to fall again for [Obama]. I think people voted for Obama, a lot because it made them feel good about themselves. It made them feel good about America. We’ve gotten past the racism. We’ve elevated this guy, and I think they got burned.

And it is interesting that even though Obama won re-election, and even though he remained personally popular in the polls; the Democrat Party under Obama was gutted. There was nobody left. There were no governors, there were no state assembly people, there was no senators. They lost both houses. I mean it was amazing how he destroyed the Democrat Party, while remaining popular himself. People liked him. People maybe, like themselves, when they liked him. Maybe they would feel the same way about Michelle. Or maybe they would feel, yeah thanks very much. You know, get a talk show and that’ll be fine and we’ll love you there. But we don’t want you destroying this stuff that Donald Trump has done like increase our wages, and increase our jobs, and keep the peace. Do all the things that Obama failed to do. …

So, it would be the ultimate left-right race if you think about it for a minute because it would be an attractive, nice, beloved person — whose policies have been proven failure. They have a proven track record of failure. And it would be a mean, belligerent, nasty Donald Trump — whose policies have worked. And that’s the ultimate Right and Left fight because the Right is the daddy party. It’s a mean party. It’s the party who tells you the truth. It’s the party who gives you a shot in the head when you’re misbehaving. It’s the party who thinks people who break the law should be arrested. It’s the party who thinks what works should be there, instead of what makes us feel good about ourselves.

And the Left is the party of we’re nice. Here’s some money, we’ll take that money from that evil rich guy, and we’ll give it to you.

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