In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity Thursday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh expressed even more confidence that President Trump will win after watching the second round of Democratic debates this week.

“Three years ago … nobody thought that Donald Trump could win,” said Limbaugh. “I’m talking about in the mainstream, the media, the Washington establishment, nobody thought he could win. Tonight, nobody thinks anybody on that Democrat debate stage can win.”

“In just three years we have gone from a candidate that everybody was laughing at and thinking had no prayer and wasn’t even serious about winning to now nobody on the Democrat side is — they’re asking Michelle Obama to get in and save them,” he said. “If they’re doing that, that’s a tantamount admission that nobody they’re running now has a slight chance or even a prayer.”

The reason, Rush argued, is that all of the leading Democrats have now fully embraced far-left “lunacy” — and abandoned any efforts to truly “inspire” the American people. It’s gotten so bad that even key voices on the left are sounding the alarm, said Limbaugh. “You know it’s bad when Rahm Emanuel has to go on TV today and criticize these people for being nuts with this agenda,” he said. “I mean, Gloria Borger on CNN after the debate, ‘Where was the inspiration?’ There isn’t any inspiration.”

“People need to understand how the Democrats see America,” he continued, suggesting that the candidates are making that more clear with each debate. “They look out over this landscape, they see nothing but suffering. They don’t see anybody other than in pain, victims of this, victims of that,” said Rush. “Then they position themselves as the people who are gonna fix it, and get even with the other people — us — who have caused all of this misery. And there isn’t anything they talk about that involves improving life.”

“They talk about jobs, not careers,” he continued. “They do not offer anybody anything uplifting, and they haven’t created a group of voters that even thinks uplifting. Their voter group is mired in all kinds of misery, injustice to the point they’re covering up George Washington in murals in San Francisco, rather than cleaning the human feces off the streets out there.”

“You watch the debate last night and you hear this lunacy — and it was lunacy!” Limbaugh said later. “…Those people are lunatics, the things they were saying and believing, and then you realize that people are applauding it. I mean, I was warning people 20 years ago when some wacko thing would happen in the environmentalist movement and people laughed. ‘They’re never gonna believe that,’ people said. Now here we are; they do believe it. No, I understand the threat here.”

As an example of how far over the edge the Democrats and the left-wing media have gone, Limbaugh pointed to the latest conspiracy theory about Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard. “Tulsi Gabbard came out of nowhere last night because she reamed Kamala Harris. Now, what is the media doing today?” he said. “…They’re saying that she’s actually working with the Russians who are still working with Trump and her game plan is to become a third-party, independent candidate to split the Democrat vote.They started this Russian insanity and now they’re wedded to it. They can’t let go of it.”

On why Trump is able to inspire massive audiences, Rush said it comes down to the difference between the Democrats’ grim view of America and conservatives’ optimistic vision of the country: “We realize what a blessed opportunity it is to be born in the United States of America. And we want everybody to maximize their potential because that’s how you get a great country.”

Trump “appeals to people’s better interests,” he added. “This is what people don’t understand about Donald Trump. They get caught up in the tweets. They get caught up in all the manners that he supposedly doesn’t have. The man touches everybody’s hearts talking about greatness, talking about inspiration, aspirational living, being great.”

It’s through this appeal that Trump’s been able to forge a true “bond” with his supporters. “There’s not a Democrat on that stage either night that has any kind of a bond with anybody in the Democrat Party,” said Limbaugh. “Trump is untouchable. There’s not one person, Sean, on that Democrat stage the last two nights that can even be on stage with Trump and not be overshadowed simply by his presence before he even opens his mouth.”

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