On Friday’s radio program, Stu and Pat filled in for Glenn and discussed the frustration MSNBC displayed in response to the 2020 candidates dissing former President Barack Obama and the Obama administration during Wednesday’s primary debate in Detroit.

MSNBC called out the 2020 candidates for attacking the Obama administration and for not placing more emphasis on President Trump.

Stu agreed that it was odd that the candidates would attack Obama because of the former president’s wild popularity within the Democratic Party.

“It is a weird approach. If you are one of these opponents, what are you going to do better than [Joe] Biden if you are going to say the Obama administration is great,” Stu said. “It’s a tough sell.”

Stu added that, with the exception of Michelle Obama, Barack Obama is the most popular Democrat in America.

In an interview with MSNBC, filmmaker Micheal Moore mentioned that there was only one person who could crush President Trump: Michelle Obama.

“Everybody watching this right now knows Michelle Obama is a beloved American, and that she would go in there and crush Trump in the debates,” Moore said.

Pat and Stu agreed that Michelle Obama is popular, but she was pulled from the campaign trail during Barack’s bid for president, because she did not perform well. Stu reminded listeners of Michelle’s infamous gaffe when she said that “for the first time she was proud of her country.”

Watch the video below for more.

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