On Friday, the veteran who will challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar for her congressional seat told Fox and Friends that what motivated him to run was Omar’s comments in which she said of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, “Some people did something.”

Chris Kelley, who serves as a Minnesota police officer, served Operation Desert Storm and deployed twice during the Iraq War as an intelligence analyst, said Omar’s comments were “very dismissive and disrespectful,” adding, “Look, three-thousand Americans died and many more first responders died [after] responding to this. … I figured you can complain or you can try and do something.”

Host Brian Kilmeade started the exchange by saying, “Chris, you don’t really have political experience, but you certainly have patriotism with your background in law enforcement and the military. What caused you to jump in this mostly Democratic district as an independent?”

Kelley answered, “I was inspired by the 9/11 comments. Look, three thousand Americans died and many more first responders died responding to this. It was very dismissive and very disrespectful; I figured you can complain or you can try and do something. So here’s an opportunity to jump in the race and try and make a difference.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt, noting that many of the voters in Minnesota are seen as tilting to the left, asked what the voters in Omar’s district were like.

Kelley answered, “It is a heavily Democratic area. However, that being said, I think the lack of action by Congressperson Omar will allow me — there’ll be a lot of disaffected Democrats and there will also be Republicans who are dissatisfied with the congresswoman not doing anything. This gives me the opportunity, like I said, to make a difference, like I said. I’m on the ground here every day, I see the people, and this gives me an opportunity to make a difference and continue to serve.”

He said of Omar, “Well, she’s campaigning everywhere else. Now she’s in California; now she’s overseas; she’s not in the district. And people are noticing. Many people have said to me, what is she doing for us? She seems to be worried about her own celebrity and making the news. She’s not doing the job.”

Kilmeade asked, “What do you bring to the table?”

Kelley answered, “I’m on the ground every day; I talk to people; I see the problems like drug use, homelessness, terrorist recruitment that’s going on. The people in the district need a voice, and I am somebody who’s not embroiled in controversy the way she is.”

Fox News noted that Kelley “has collected eleven military medals as a 27-year veteran of the U.S. Army and Army Reserves and clocked more than 36,000 hours patrolling the Minnesota streets as a 20-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Force.” He told Fox News, “Immigration is a big issue right now. I believe in having a secure border; if you don’t have a country you don’t have a border and our border agents are doing a great job, but they are being overwhelmed and Congress isn’t giving them the tools they need. But I would also like to see a pathway to citizenship for those under DACA; they couldn’t help they were brought here and need a shot to be able to stay here.”

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