If you don’t know what to make of the video below, rest assured you aren’t alone. Frankly, it doesn’t seem anyone involved in the video knows what exactly to make of what they’re doing, either.

It’s a clip of left-wing activist and loon Michael Moore, for whom none of the Democrats steadily marching leftward are even close to left enough, mocking Senator Kamala Harris for her policy position on American student loan debt.

To do so, for some unknown reason, he breaks it down like he’s rapping, as a crowd of white progressives, guffawing and chortling as one does, attempt to give him a beat by all clapping at different tempos and different times.

The event, if you wish to call it that, was a special edition of the Chapo Trap House podcast, title simply “An Evening with Michael Moore.” Not a very hip-hop track title.

Moore even managed to move his arms some in an approximation of, we think… a hip-hop performance? Dance?

The clip was shared on Twitter by the audience member who captured it. But didn’t get the warm reception that may have been anticipated.

Weird. Awkward. Embarrassing. Bad decision. All of the above.

Take your pick.

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