Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” CNN contributor former Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) criticized President Donald Trump’s comments on the weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Gutierrez said, “The Republican Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NRA. They do their bidding first and foremost and until that ends, nothing is going to happen.”

He continued, “Let’s remember one thing. This is the president who began his campaign by saying Mexicans are murders, rapists, drug dealers, we need to get rid of them. This is a president of the United States that calls people like me, who come to the United States of America, breeders, animals. And he has no self-examination today in his comments. He said that those that are prejudice and bigotry and hatred are heartless, don’t have a heart, don’t have a soul. Well, Mr. President by our own words, you are heartless and soulless because you have been the propaganda chief of hatred here in the United States of America. The president of the United States has to stop, has to stop igniting the flames of hatred and bigotry and division in this country.”

He added, “The president of the United States must stop inciting violence in America. He is the inciter in chief of the violence that we are living in in America. He has a huge platform and there was no self-examination of his own contribution. Stop calling people like me breeders! Stop calling people like me murderers! My mom and dad are great people. My children are great people. We came to America to contribute. Stop demonizing us! We love our neighbors and care for our neighbors, and have contributed to the great success and democracy of what is America. Stop using us as political pawns in your game of reelection.”

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