On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) argued that all forms of violent political extremism should be treated as terrorism, the age to purchase a gun should be raised to 21, and there should be universal background checks.

Kinzinger said that any political extremism that resorts to violence should be legally treated as terrorism, and “this is absolutely terrorism. As much as I hate ISIS, I hate white nationalism, and any political violence like that.”

He added, “I think gun purchases need to be raised — the age needs to be raised to 21. Right now, to buy a handgun in this country, you have to be 21, and the initial thought was, well, we’re exempting under — basically, long guns because that’s things like hunting gear and shooting shotguns. But I think that now, obviously, is defining things like purchasing an AR, which are — in many of these mass shootings is actually used. So, I think raising that age to 21, still allowing people in the military to carry their service weapon or cops that are under the age of 21. The next thing is, we do need universal background checks, and doing it in a way that it’s not cumbersome when there’s a private transfer. If I’m going to buy a weapon from my father, for instance, which I’ve done before, that doesn’t have to be cumbersome. And I think looking at the heart that exists too, and the recognition that there is real evil. Why are people feeling, both this draw to evil, the draw to violence? Why are they feeling totally isolated in this country? That’s not a government solution.”

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