Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv responded to allegations of having inappropriate online contact with minors during an interview with YouTuber Blaire White posted on Monday.

As one might imagine, the interview was anything but ordinary; at about an hour into questioning from White, Yaniv brandished a taser, bragging that such a weapon is illegal in Canada, where the activist is located. Yaniv’s home was reportedly raided the following day due to the weapon brandishing, reported The Post Millennial on Tuesday.

Yaniv, who has made headlines over the past year for targeting female estheticians for refusing to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia, denied sending the predatory messages (some of which were confirmed to have come from the activist’s “trustednerd” verified Facebook account by The Post Millennial) while simultaneously admitting that Yaniv sought out underage girls for another job. Yaniv also admitted to sending voice messages in so-called “baby voice,” but contended they were sent to an of-age friend and not an underage girl; Yaniv claimed to be dumbfounded as to how they ended up in messages to the 15-year-old minor. The activist additionally noted that it would be perfectly fine for Yaniv to “attend” a pool party with topless 12-year-old girls.

“How would you respond to all the allegations of you sending messages, tweets, emails, etc. to underage girls, asking them about their pads, their tampons, their menstrual cycles, and saying that if they were a little older you would be with them?” White asked Yaniv.

“Unfortunately, I do have to say that they are fake,” Yaniv answered. The activist said that back in 2012-13, Yaniv worked for a “popular girl band” of “six singing sisters” and had to reach out to underage girls. “When I handled their social media … what I did was, I reached out on my Twitter and said, ‘hey, how old are you?’ to create almost like a fanbase.”

White bluntly said that Yaniv was lying about the messages being fake. “There are tweets going back from 2011, 2012, 2013, of people talking about your inappropriate conduct. Also, if you look, all of those screenshots of you messaging girls under age, it’s not like they came after you rose to infamy with your waxing scandal and got media attention, they were before. So I’m wondering what the motivation would be of strangers on the Internet to photoshop hundreds of screenshots of you being inappropriate with young girls before you even got notoriety,” the political commentator pressed.

Yaniv dismissed White’s reasoning, again claiming the messages weren’t sent from Yaniv.

White moved on to Yaniv allegedly sending a 15-year-old girl voice messages of “baby noises.” In a report from The Post Millennial published in July, Jessica Rumpel came forward with said messages; Yaniv was singing in an “Elmo” voice about Rumpel’s breasts bouncing “up and down,” for example.

Yaniv’s explanation: those messages were indeed from Yaniv, but they were sent to a different friend; Yaniv is not sure how they ended up with Rumple, who was 15 years old at the time. (Note: at least one voice message specifically mentions Ms. Rumple by her first and last name.)

“I was sending baby messages to one of my friends. How they got to her, I do not know. They were not sent to her directly,” Yaniv said.

Yaniv also told White that it would be perfectly okay for Yaniv to attend a pool party where 12-year-old girls were encouraged to be topless and parents were discouraged from attending.

As reported by The Daily Caller last month, “Yaniv [was] scheduled to appear before the Township of Langley Council in British Columbia, Canada, July 22 at 7:00 pm to ask for permission for an ‘All-Bodies Swims’ at three community pools where individuals, including girls as young as 12, will be permitted to be topless. The swim is for kids who identify as ‘LGBTQ2S+’. In the appeal to bar parents from attending, Yaniv cited an interest in fostering a ‘safe and inclusive’ environment.”

“This was never my event,” Yaniv said, though the activist admitted, after questioned by White, that their name was on a petition to the city to host the event in question. “I think I have the ability to attend if I want to attend,” Yaniv added.

White, who is transgender, told Yaniv that it was troubling that Yaniv would take photos of young girls surrounding Yaniv in a female bathroom while fully presenting as a male. Yaniv told White that all that is needed in Canada to enter a women’s-only space is to file a one-page form declaring their new gender. White, again, emphasized, “that’s a problem.”

As previously reported by The Daily Wire, Yaniv has filed a total of 16 complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against female estheticians who do not wish to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia. At least one of the female-owned businesses were forced to shut down following a complaint from Yaniv.

Asked if Yaniv feels any empathy for the women the activist has targeted or put out of business, responded bluntly, “No, because they are not getting attacked.”

“The one retail business that I got shut down, they already shut down!” Yaniv said triumphantly. “I already got them shut down.”

“Why are you proud of shutting down someone’s business?” asked White. “That’s sick!”

Yaniv argued that it is because Yaniv was being discriminated against.

The activist later bragged during the interview that they would “win every case” with the tribunal. “I’m going to be winning all these cases. There’s no doubt. … I’m part of a protected class: I’m transgender.”

At about an hour into the interview, Yaniv demonstrated that Yaniv was not scared in their own home, brandishing a taser.

White mockingly asked if that was “a moment” for Yaniv and moved on.

Yaniv then made a racist comment about theoretical Sikh-owned businesses, mocking a Sikh woman, saying, “Me no speak any English.”

White told Yaniv that the activist hurts the trans movement, trans people, and young girls, and wished Yaniv to get “help.”

White noted multiple times during the interview that donations during the live-streamed interview would be going to the businesses targeted by Yaniv.


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