Many gun control advocates are asking why anyone would “need” 100 rounds of ammunition in the wake of deadly mass murder attacks, but Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) dismantled those arguments in one tweet.

“Some have asked, ‘who needs 100 rounds?'” he asked rhetorically.

“If 6 brave, trained, and alert police officers with professionally maintained weapons fired 58 rounds to subdue the Dayton shooter,” he explained, “I’d say my wife deserves at least that many chances to protect herself and my kids when I’m not home.”

Massie buttressed his point with a second tweet citing the Washington Post on the effort police officers had to make in order to take down the mass murderer in the Dayton, Ohio, attack.

“Based on recovered shell casings, he [police chief Biehl] said [the killer] fired at least 41 rounds before police officers responded, shooting 58 rounds at him near the entrance to a Dayton nightclub,” he quoted from the report.

Massie’s tweet was well received by gun rights advocates, with 700 retweets endorsing his argument.

The Republican member of Congress has been an outspoken defender of gun rights, and at one point he advocated for the ban of “gun-free zones,” which he said were statistically not useful for preventing gun crime.

Here he is talking about gun rights:

GOP Rep. Massie Proposes Ending Gun-Free Zones

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