Editor’s note: Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady was awarded the United States military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, and is former president of the Medal of Honor Society.

As sure as the sun rises, the party of Santa Claus candidates, race fascists and hate mongers is coming rising up during this election-cycle horror show, frantically searching for a reason to hate, horrified by their own nothingness, and somehow comforted in their hatred of good and decent Americans.

A policy-naked party that would kill a baby on its birthday, believes you can marry your cat and denounces the rule of law will hawk their moral superiority. And half of America will cheer them on. And so will the principal enemy of the people – the majority dishonest media, a media that has convinced nearly half of America that Russia elected Donald Trump – the most extraordinary hoax ever.

This is the Democratic Party, the party that engineered the most extreme projection in American history. This is the party that cannot now survive without the black vote, yet which was born to enslave blacks, which founded the Ku Klux Klan, which promoted Jim Crow and supported Dred Scott which held that blacks could not be citizens. They opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, which banned slavery, guaranteed due process to blacks and gave them the right to vote. This party, itself literally founded on racism, has projected its satanic past onto Republicans and others they oppose, which would seem impossible but for a dishonest media, one that manipulates not only popular perception of the present, but of the past.

It is important to know that this hate speech on the left is all about votes, not about policy. What have they done for blacks? President Obama made this clear when he begged black Americans, as if he were a plantation owner, “I will consider it a personal insult to my legacy if this community lets its guard down and fails to activate itself this election.”

The Republican Party was founded on the simple principle: Slavery is a violation of the rights of man. Yet the party that founded, fostered and protected slavery will call the party that fought, died and defeated slavery “racists” – and the dishonest media will support them.

Of all the symbols of racism in our country, the Donkey of the Democratic Party reigns supreme as the ultimate racial icon in our history. They should immediately replace it as they seek to do with other symbols of our history.

Americans don’t like or dislike their fellow Americans for what they look like; they like or dislike them for what they do. At times, the most respected men and women, voted on by all Americans, have been black. Unfortunately, what some blacks do is disproportionately bad compared to the rest of society. But on the off-chance that they may not be entirely culpable for their behavior, America has spent trillions to balance the scales. No country has done more for black people than America.

In the hopes that there is still more money where those trillions came from, we are now plagued by the race fascists. These despicable creatures make a living ruining good people’s lives, black and white. Aside from the lives they have ruined by their racial slurs, they have ruined entire communities of blacks. They have created “hate crimes,” “hate speech” and by extension, hate thought; we may subconsciously be bigots and not know it. Slander, detraction and bearing false witness against their neighbors are their only policies. To call this insane does not do justice to the word.

As an example of the insanity of these people, leftists will tell you burning the American flag is speech. Despite court rulings, it is not; but if it is, is it not hate speech? What else could it be? Why does burning Old Glory not rate as hate speech and why does the left not denounce it?

Hate crimes and hate speech are practically indefinable, simply another attempt to play God, just as we have in issues of marriage and life. I believe all evil is based in the seven deadly sins – pride, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Are we now going to list the seven as hate crimes? We can hate what the “hate criminal” has done, but only he can know what motivated him. Yet we have created a vast bureaucracy around an impossible task of identifying “hate crimes” and we pontificate endlessly and uselessly over the motive of the latest mass killer.

Hate exists only in the heart (and it may be good, e.g., hatred of evil), and only God knows what is in our hearts. That is why to call someone a racist is so evil. To openly assert that racism is in the heart of another human being is the ultimate hate crime; the epitome of hate speech. Again, to call someone a racist is the No. 1 hate crime. It is also the ultimate act of a coward.

How do we prove what is not in our heart? Those who do this should be denounced for the pathetic yellow-bellies they are. And, if we are to have hate speech and crimes, they should be prosecuted for the hate crime – unjustly calling someone a racist – that they commit.

We have racists among us, black and white, just as we have murderers among us. But we are not a murderous country any more than we are a racist country. As for being a white supremacist country, that is so beyond stupid it merits no comment.

I, like many other whites, have been loved by, and love, black Americans. No one who has ever been loved by a black person could be a racist. It is time to focus on how much love there is in America for blacks, indeed for all minorities, and to denounce the race fascists for the evil they do.

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