Last week, transgender activist Jessica Yaniv released text messages to Pink News he had with one of the 16 female estheticians Yaniv filed a human rights complaint against in Canada for allegedly discriminating against the activist’s “gender identity” when they refused to wax his male genitals. Yaniv is a biological male who identities as a female.

According to Canadian coverage of the saga, most of the women targeted by Yaniv are immigrants of color. At least one business, headed by a Brazilian immigrant, has been shut down due to the activist’s complaints to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. During a livestream interview with YouTuber Blaire White earlier this week, Yaniv boasted about triggering the woman’s business to shutter and bragged that he will “win” every one of the 16 cases because transgenders are a “protected class” in Canada.

Pink News did not reveal the name of the woman Yaniv was texting with, presumably to rightly protect their identity. Here’s how they read (slighted edited for comprehension):

Salon Owner: I only do Surrey. I go to people’s house.

Jessica Yaniv: I’m right on the Surrey/Langley border.

SO: But you look like a man lol

JY: Excuse me? I’m a girl..

SO: Ohh okay

JY: So what’s your availability like?

SO: Monday to Friday 10 to 6

JY: I’m a transgender, is that an issue for you?

SO: Ummm I don’t know what transgender is . I never meet transgender.

JY: I’m a girl now… I used to be a guy….

SO: Yeah there is a problem I don’t think I can do you sorry.

JY: Why is that a problem?

SO: Don’t feel comfortable.

JY: I’m a girl..

SO: Sorry no

JY: You can’t do that fyi. It’s discrimination.

SO: Sorry I’m not trying to be rude or anything it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable doing this and I know you have the right it’s just that you’re a man into a lady but you’re still a man right but into a lady. My husband won’t accept me doing this sorry once again. I just don’t know what to say except sorry once again.

JY: No that’s not ok, it doesn’t matter what your husband will or won’t allow, you CANNOT discriminate and reject services based on someone’s gender identity and/or gender.

Yaniv also told Pink News that he used “racist remarks.”

“Yes, I did publish ‘racist remarks’ because being denied services daily from the East Indian community at any business, sucks,” the activist told the outlet, adding, “The immigrants are targeting trans people. We are the victims, not them.”

As previously covered by The Daily Wire, Yaniv has been plagued with accusations of misconduct with female minors. Responding to the serious accusations earlier this week, the activist denied sending predatory messages (some of which were confirmed to have come from the activist’s “trustednerd” verified Facebook account by The Post Millennial) while simultaneously admitting that he sought out underage girls for another job as a social media manager for a popular girl band. Yaniv also admitted to sending voice messages in so-called “baby voice,” but contended they were sent to an of-age friend and not an underage girl; the activist claimed to be dumbfounded as to how they ended up in messages to the 15-year-old minor who came forward, Jessica Rumpel (now 20 years old). Additionally, Yaniv additionally said that it would his right to “attend” a pool party with topless 12-year-old girls if he wanted to.

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