Just fine.

That’s what former HUD Secretary and Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro thinks of the move by his brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, to publicly shame constituents who donated to President Trump’s campaign.

Even though the publication of those names caught some individuals who had donated to Joaquin Castro, and even misnamed some who now are being targeted with hateful phone calls and more.

The Washington Examiner said Julian Castro on Friday “stood by his brother’s tweet that listed 44 Trump donors in San Antonio in an effort to shame them.”

“I believe that Americans have the right to freely associate. I also believe that that’s public information,” he said.

“There are all types of newspapers, all types of organizations that put out information about who contributes to who. That’s nothing new. I think the intent was, as he said, he was lamenting the fact that you have so many folks in these big businesses in San Antonio who have made their livelihood off of the Hispanic community in San Antonio that are propping up a president.”

He then claimed President Trump is “clearly racist, who is encouraging hate and division against the Hispanic community.”

He said, however, “harassment and intimidation” against those identified donors, is “not OK.”

Fox had reported that Joaquin Castro mistakenly included Harper Huddleston’s name, who said the attack forced him to review emergency plans with his wife and three children.

“We convened together as a family and talked about situational awareness, exit strategy, avoiding and exiting conflict, talked about staying low and close to home and just being at our very highest senses,” said Huddleston.

He said the Castro list might have been intended to include his father, but didn’t.

“Huddleston argued that when Castro, as a sitting congressman, tweets such a list, it reaches a ‘very large audience’ and he attempted to connect ‘fine members of this community’ to racism and white supremacy,” Fox reported.

“Moms, dads, retirees and to associate these people with those types of claims is just wrong,” he said.

Another donor, Mark Hanrahan, told Fox that Castro “knows exactly what he’s doing.”

“I and a lot of other people that support the president, we’re not gonna be called racist and the other slurs without fighting back,” he charged.

In fact, the Examiner reported that while trying to embarrass constituents who donated to Trump, Joaquin Castro targeted donors to had given cash to him and his brother.

“Joaquin Castro may be creating political liabilities for himself by alienating his own constituents and donor base, all in an effort to brand those very same political givers as effectively racist for backing Trump in 2020,” the report said.


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