Dear George Yancy,

In response to your question, “Dear God, are you there?” Yes, I’m still here. I have always been here. I am everywhere present. I will always be here. How about you?

Since your entreaty addressed me publicly, I will respond in kind. Here I will address the points I have been able to decipher. I wonder, though, are you by chance a direct descendant of one of those people at the Tower of Babel, where I confused humanity’s language?

From my perspective, George, there are only three people groups on the earth: Jews, Gentiles and Christians. Any other qualifier is an artificial construct designed to turn people against one another. Therefore, I agree with your statement, “We are failing ourselves. We are not asking the right questions; we are failing to use truthful and courageous discourse to describe the suffering from human violence. …”

I wonder, could it be that you are failing yourselves because you do not properly understand that I created men and women as triune beings, with a body, soul and spirit? You must address all three aspects of human beings in your discourse and in their existence. All attempts to treat man as a machine or a computer will fail, and ultimately they will fail catastrophically, which seems to be what you are describing.

You also write, “I’m tempted to say that for Trump and his vast evangelical following enough is never enough. And if this is so, something has gone theologically awry. We have not become more loving as a nation.” Hmm … I guess it escaped me that the killers you are referring to are evangelicals, Catholics, or any of the other Christian brands with which I am familiar. None of the killers were people I knew, or who knew me. Perhaps that was the problem.

The way for America and all nations to become more loving is for the people who dwell in those nations to know me personally. I am patient, kind and loving. I stand ready to remove anger, hatred and despair from the mind and heart of anyone who acknowledges his or her desperate situation and calls upon me for help. I alone can remove those poisonous qualities from his or her life. Human philosophy can never rise above the human condition. I alone transcend the human condition.

Interesting that you should arrive at the same question Ralph Waldo Emerson asked some time back. “Our age is retrospective. It builds the sepulchers of the fathers. It writes biographies, histories, and criticisms. The foregoing generations beheld God face to face; we through their eyes. Why should not we also have an original relation to the universe?”

Why not, indeed? You and every other person on earth can have an original relation to Me. The door into that relationship is the life, death and resurrection of my Son, Jesus Christ, which occurred at the Cross. Please don’t ever imagine that We did not suffer to open that door from your hopeless condition to my glorious heaven and earth. We both paid the price for you in our suffering. All you need do to renew your mind and heart is to come. My arms are always open to welcome my children back home, however battered and bruised they may be from this evil world system, which is still run by Satan, your defeated enemy. I should think the world’s values, which give rise to its conditions, would be sufficient evidence of this claim.

Religions are a subtle trap that enslaves the human spirit. Christianity is not immune from this. A personal relationship with the God of the universe is unthinkable to many. And yet, that is exactly what is on offer, George. If it all seems impossible to you, read through the Gospel of John, found in the New Testament. Don’t neglect the supernatural elements of our relationship that John describes. They are the key to a changed life here, a heart to help others and eternity with me. Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Don’t forget, George. You have a date with destiny. There is something in this world that only you can do for Me. Maybe yours is the voice that’s missing, the one that calms the storms of life for so many. You’ll never know unless you ask.

I am the “something more” that you seek, George.

– with love, God

For more of God direct, read samples at: Reconnaissance, Behind Enemy Lines and Absolution: The Singularity.

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