On Thursday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan thanks Media Matters for exposing themselves as a “leftist hate site.” Video and partial transcript below:

It is one thing when the press declares that the President of the United States is a bigoted white nationalist who inspires people to slaughter each other, and it’s another thing when the Democrats declare that anyone who doesn’t vote for them is a bigoted white nationalist who inspires people to slaughter each other. And it’s yet one more thing when the Left in general craps on every value that made this country great, tries to dismantle the principles of our founding, slimes our history, slanders our forefathers, and uses violence and intimidation to shut down free speech and free thought.

But when they attack me, that’s going too far. After all, I’m a wonderful person. Just look at me — I’m adorable. But yesterday Media Matters — a leftist hate site founded by Bond villain George Soros and created by Bond villain henchman David Brock — unleashed this diatribe against me and the Daily Wire, calling us a cesspool of hate and bigotry. They said they had reviewed — get this — they reviewed seven months of our podcasts to find quotes demonstrating how “hateful” we are.

Now, let me pause here a second to say to Media Matters: Thank you for watching. And you know, you could have gotten a subscription for a lousy 10 bucks a month. For 100 bucks, you could’ve gotten a full year, and this fabulous “Leftist Tears” tumblr.

Anyway, they went for seven months and they found the most hateful comments we made. And guess what — there was not a [single] hateful word spoken. Not one. Now, that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been here since the beginning, and I will tell you in all seriousness that in a life that has now gone on almost interminably, I have met here at The Daily Wire some of the most decent and generous people of integrity I’ve ever known — plus Michael Knowles. And when you attack people like that — good people just like when you attack ordinary, decent Americans who voted for Donald Trump — what you do is you strip yourself naked and expose the hateful, twisted, sick, and bigoted person that your lousy Leftist philosophy has turned you into…

You know, the reason I’m talking about this is because Media Matters has a big profile. You know, they are a hate site funded by George Soros, so they got endless money. And David Brock is a smear merchant of the first order. He knows exactly what he’s doing. And they use this power to go to people’s sponsors and intimidate the sponsors, and sponsors think, “Oh no! Now my beautiful product is going to be promoted by some hateful guy.” But the thing is, just because they’re attacking it [doesn’t] mean they’re right. It doesn’t mean that we are hateful — it may mean, in fact, that they are hateful.

That is the whole thing that’s been going on all this week — is the Left has been screaming, “Donald Trump is hateful, Donald Trump is hateful!” And the words coming out of their mouth, and the things they’re doing, and the implications they’re making about decent people all throughout this country show that they are in fact the hateful ones. Donald Trump is rude. You’ve heard me say it a million times. But [the] true hate in this country is coming from the Left, and Media Matters proved it.

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