On Wednesday, former Viner and current YouTuber Sarah Schauer posted a side-by-side photo to her twitter account, with the caption: “For the past hour, I’ve been trying to decide which is worse. I honestly can’t say.”

The first image was taken in what appears to be a tiny restroom. While the restroom has all the standard amenities (a shower, a toilet, a sink), a large washing machine is stationed directly above the toilet on a hovering shelf.

The second image is a bit more bizarre. At the top of a flight of stairs sits a bathtub. There’s no railing, and approximately half a foot of tile-space next to the tub before a precipitous drop down the stairs.

Schauer adds: “The thing is. The first one is like Russian roulette, there are times when you could s*** and not die. The second one, you slip down the stairs almost every single time.”

As of publication, Schauer’s tweet has 62,000 “likes,” and has been retweeted more than 12,000 times.

The responses to the tweet are hilarious, with some offering their preference, and others getting some jokes in:

​These are both $2700 a month in NYC.

As someone who delivers and installs appliances, that first photo gives me the cold sweats.

Ah, Damocles’ washing machine, there to remind us of the danger of sitting upon a throne.

The first one gives you the opportunity to poop and fold clothes at the same time. I don’t fold my clothes, but maybe this is the motivation I need.

I do not see what’s wrong with the second image. What a fun and funky way to greet guests as they tour your home.

What if the washing machine was on the ground and the toilet was on the shelf?

This is what happens when your architect is also the guy who’s been hired to kill you.

100% the washing machine ready and waiting to whack-a-mole you into your own feces.

This screams Russia.

Imagine being halfway through your business when the spin cycle kicks in.

How many socks end up falling into the toilet, I wonder?

Clearly they are both trying to kill the occupants. But as murder houses go, I prefer the one on the right, for two reasons: 1. anyone taking a bath does have the option to exit via the kneewall instead of on the stairs side (might want to add a grab bar), and 2. it looks clean.

Still others showed photos of other nightmare scenario bathtubs and restrooms:

I’ll raise you a roadside bathroom in Mexico with no door or curtain.

Bathroom shelf washing machine: I’m the worst

Stair bath: No, *I’m* the worst.

Stair loo: Hold my beer.

Hmmm, toilet over the steps eh? How about a toilet AND tub within the kitchen?

I believe you will find that this completely carpeted bathroom I found while house hunting is actually worse.

It doesn’t get any worse than this.

Despite a lively debate as to which situation was worse, it appears that the washing machine over the toilet narrowly won out. While there were numerous solutions offered as to how one could improve the bathtub at the top of the stairs, many were in agreement that the suspended washer was an unredeemable death trap.

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