And frankly, very few mass-shooters are even white.

Still, leftist media outlets are happy to speak of the number of mass shootings in America. And they are particularly happy to speak, in detail, of mass shootings they can pin on white nationalists, or frankly any white shooter.

And why? Well, two reasons. Their hatred of guns and their disdain for President Trump.

Most will be shocked to hear that in 2019, the number of mass shootings already ranges from 200 to 255 nationwide. According to HuffPost, “the grim tally now stands at 255.” I won’t dispute the accuracy of this claim here.

Let’s just say the tally is correct. And to the letter of the definition, it probably is. Technically, a mass shooting is defined as an incident in where four or more people are shot – not killed necessarily – just shot.

So if a gang member shoots four rival members, is that mass-shooting? Technically it is, but it’s not what the average American would describe when asked to define one.

And this is exactly what the left counts on when they throw out this number. They count on that the public never thinks in terms of technicalities – only of perception. And in order to advance more stringent gun control, the left banks on this separation between reality and perception. For reality is based in logic; whereas perception, where the left resides, is all about emotion.

HuffPost highlights the “three deadliest mass-shootings of 2019”: El Paso, Virginia Beach and Dayton. All the shooters were white.

They also add that, “The state with the highest number of mass shootings this year is California, with 32 mass shootings,” neglecting to say that it’s also the state with the strictest gun control laws.

When that 200-plus number is thrown out there, the “bomb-throwers” on the left who use it to push gun control know that the public has already been conditioned, by them, to equate any mass shooting with assault weapons and to a lesser extent, racism.

They know that most people will jump to this wrong conclusion. And the left knows that if they repeat the number often enough, the public, without any examination, will just disseminate it on social media and cry out for stricter gun control.

Yet the interesting thing is that if there have been so many mass shootings, why haven’t they all made the headlines?

Well, it’s because most “mass shootings” are not of the El Paso or Dayton variety. And most are not perpetrated by angry white-nationalist, racist Trump supporters.

Here is a photographic list showing the faces of all known mass shooters of 2019. Not all 255 are shown, as some shooters are still unknown, owing to either no witnesses or witnesses who refuse to speak to police.

The list wasn’t difficult to find. Many conservative outlets found and posted it. And if we can find it, one would think that a national newsroom could do so with ease.

So why haven’t we seen it published in the WaPo, or NYT, or on CNN or MSNBC, or any of the big-three networks?

Could it be that if they showed it, their racist, white nationalist, assault weapon-wielding, Trump-supporting shooter claim would go up in smoke? Yep – that’s exactly why.

Of all the faces shown, exactly four were female – two black, two white. Of the rest, only 20 faces where white, and the balance, the vast majority, were all “persons of color.”

I suppose just pointing this out makes me a racist.

My actual point is to shine a light on the dishonesty of the left and show their true agenda – to make it as difficult as possible for law-abiding citizens to own a gun and to drive down support for the president heading into the next election.

And with this issue, they’re attempting to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

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