On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized Democratic presidential candidates for attacking each other over their past positions and stated that future generations “will be horrified by us.”

Maher said, “[T]his is the new trick in Democratic politics, dig up something your opponent said decades ago that looks bad by today’s standards and pretend that that’s a mic drop evidence of your awesome moral superiority. … Liberals are funny. They believe in evolution, except when it comes to people.”

He later added, “People need to stop pretending that if they were alive back when, they wouldn’t have been the same asshole as everyone else. Yes, you would. I know your parents told you you’re exceptional, but not to the point of seeing the future. You would have driven without seatbelts and drank when you were pregnant and hit your kids and hit your neighbor’s kids. … Because woke-sight is not 20/20, and you don’t have ESPCP: extrasensory politically correct perception. If you were around in the 1980s, you would have worn those horrible colors and the big shoulder pads. You just would have. You’re not Nostradamus. And if you were around in the 1780s, and you were rich and white, you likely would have had slaves. … Stop being surprised we used to be dumber than we are now. The humans of tomorrow will be horrified by us. They won’t believe we used to sexualize people during sex. Millennials seem to think they came along right as society met perfection. Do you really think future generations will look at what you’re doing, the man buns and the giant, stupid, ear-stretching earrings, and say, ‘That was the moment civilization peaked. We can add nothing more?’ You’re not morally better than your grandparents, you just came later. You’re just the next upgrade.”

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