In our liberal-leftist Canadian news StarMetro, a socialist ranting rag of a paper similar to that of the CBC television service, stated that certain Democrats in Texas don’t want Trump to visit their state. Well, the obvious answer to that is they don’t want Trump to show up so they can control the media from actually seeing the president speak to the people of Texas. The thing the Democrats fear the most is Trump makes the most of his appearance to do the kind of thing that Democrats usually fail to do, which is to show real empathy with the people of Texas. All the Democrats have achieved so far is to use the tragedy for their own political purposes to shovel their anti-gun agenda on Texas and the nation, no empathy for the tragedy by the Democrats, just an agenda to harp on gun confiscation under the guise of controls. Gun controls are in place all over America. It doesn’t generally work, in my view, because the liberal-left scum working in government and policing offices keep it from working.

There was also the plan by the far-left Democrats to use the tragedy to further Democrat hopefuls into the presidency. Perhaps that dull-witted Ocasio-Cortez might run for the presidency because it doesn’t look like she will get a second run for lesser political office. Of course liberal-left news services use loaded words like “universally unwelcome” which makes no rational sense because the majority of Americans in Texas would welcome the president’s message of solidarity with Texans.

The reason these incidents continue to happen is because of Obama’s silly nonsense “No Child Left Behind” policy during his disastrous eight years in the president’s chair. I still can’t imagine why even a single Democrat at the top of Obama’s inner circle hasn’t been charged with crimes over “Fast & Furious” or “Benghazi” or “Uranium One Deal that ensured Russia would capture an exclusive on uranium production thanks to Hillary Clinton” or “Hillary’s emails” on a private server should have resulted in her charged with leaving classified information out in the open, or the dozens of other scandals, the worst one being DNC using false information to try getting Trump out of office and all the people associated with it. Yet, according to the DNC and the Democrats of all stripes, somehow Trump isn’t qualified for the office of president, but Obama – who had done virtually nothing his entire life – was somehow very qualified?

In my view it’s not Trump that is dividing America, it’s the entire Democrat Party that refuses to acknowledge a sitting president who is more qualified to be in that chair than the entire Democrat presidential hopefuls; since Obama won on a “Populist Platform” that the Democrats now say is a bad thing because their main Republican enemy as they report won on a populist platform. Democrats are nothing but hypocrites that can’t even keep their lies straight, let alone any real or truthful information. Of course the Democrats don’t want Trump to go to Texas because plainly speaking he’s going to make the Democrats look very bad in the eyes of Texans as just Democrats using the atrocity for their 2020 election agenda. Trump will show solidarity and empathy with Texas and the Texans because that is the kind of man he is. He really does care. Democrats, not so much without a socialist agenda platform.

L.J. Middleton

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