It made the headlines last week, as of course it would: A huge immigration roundup of “undocumented immigrants” (read: illegal aliens) working at seven Mississippi food processing plants. The investigation resulted in 680 individuals arrested; though by the next day, half were released.

Media and liberal politicians went crazy, not only because of the raid itself, but because there were many children whose parents were involved in the sweep. TV audiences were ‘treated’ to news videos of crying children asking for their parents, who told “the government” that their parents weren’t criminals.

Talk about using children as P.R. props.

Not much attention was given in the news coverage that acting ICE Director Matt Albence told the media that some of the parents would be released with ankle monitors. He added ICE would work with school liaisons to “find placement” for children when their parents are being detained.

And, of course, the media focused on people who complained that those people caught up in the sweep are not “criminals,” just people looking for work and a safe place to live.

What is ignored in this situation, and other similar cases, is the fact that these people are in this country illegally and are working illegally.

It used to be that doing something illegally was not acceptable. But in this day and age of of chaos, being an illegal immigrant (read: illegal alien) has become something of a badge of honor.

I’m glad there are those in government and law enforcement who still – for the most part – know the difference between legal and illegal. I hope it lasts.

Meanwhile at the border with Mexico, things are heating up as turf competition between the cartels increases. As reported by Breitbart, U.S. Border Patrol agents in a boat on the Rio Grande on Friday were shot at by cartel gunmen using automatic weapons, believed to be AK-47’s. There were no reported injuries, but their boat was hit several times.

It’s interesting that the media in large tends to ignore such stories. In fact, it ignores regular reports by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

I have a copy of the July 31 edition of the Arizona Range News, and their report on border stops and arrests is something you’d never know about if you depend on mainstream media. The sad part is you should know about this as it affects our country, our freedoms and American citizens who live in that part of the country.

The report is an account of multiple groups of aliens arrested on June 19 by Border Patrol agents in the boot heel part of New Mexico, and who had been smuggled to the border.

According to the report, 88 illegal aliens were arrested – the majority of which were from Central America. It’s reported that many immediately claimed they needed medical care, but they were checked and cleared.

Among the group were some family with small children, and there also were a number of unaccompanied juveniles.

Also included in this group was – and I quote the paper – “A family unit consisting of a father and a minor child. Record checks revealed that the father, a 30-year-old from Guatemala, had an outstanding warrant from Ford County, Kansas, for rape of a child under the age of 14 and aggravated kidnapping. That warrant was confirmed and verified.”

Nice guy – just wanted a better life in our country … except he already had been here and left a trail of crime.

The Border Patrol reported that on July 20, agents stopped two men along a road near Hachita, New Mexico in an area known for human smuggling. The men said they were Mexican citizens without immigration documents to be in the U.S. They were arrested and transported to the Lordsburg station, where record checks were conducted.

Again, I quote: “One of the adult males had a lengthy criminal history, including a conviction for robbery with a weapon, a first-degree felony, as well as arrests for various offenses including threatening a person, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. The 37-year old man from Mexico was also previously deported and is now pending criminal prosecution for illegal re-entry.”

On July 22, agents reported footprints of several people who had crossed the border illegally. They followed the prints, which led to a U-Haul truck which was found to contain 17 illegals crammed in a sweltering cargo area. They were transported to the Deming Border Patrol station for processing and the driver of the truck, an American citizen, faces charges of alien smuggling.

These are the details of just three separate days of Border Patrol incidents – and are indicative of what those men and women face daily.

Reading the details of the crimes, it’s not surprising that mainstream media ignore them. They don’t fit the picture that has been painted for naïve Americans that those people crossing our border illegally are just saintly good folk, looking for a good life.

Perhaps some are … but too many aren’t. Like it or not, the fact remains that when they cross the border without proper documentation, they are illegal and are breaking the law.

It used to be a crime. It still should be, or we are doomed as a free country.

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