Cruz, Crusius, Betts, and God knows how many others: they’re the progeny of a society and culture poisoned by Democrat-inspired terrorism, aided and abetted by the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex).

There is no such thing as “right-wing terrorism.” There is only terrorism shaped by Jacksonian antebellum Democrat ideology (white supremacy), and terrorism that has influenced Democrat ideology (Islamic supremacy).

Mass shooters are irreparably damaged cowards; no laws are going to deter them. The deterrent with the best odds of success is to arm yourself, if you’re not doing so already.

I have no financial interest in any firearm, or related company, or related organization. I do, however, have an interest in a law abiding and armed society, because an armed society is a polite and safer society. Democrat politicians know this this. The Republicans who have begun joining the aforementioned Democrats know this.

Perhaps no other issue in America is so hopelessly adulterated by Democrat and DMIC lies, myths, conspiracy theories, revisionist history and cover-ups as the Second Amendment. Every mass shooting makes matters more hopeless.

The Democrats have always had, and always will have, three goals, in no order of priority: take our children; take our money; and take our freedoms. The Second Amendment is where Democrat tyranny most manifests itself. Yes, it also shows in their disdain for other constitutionally guaranteed rights, such as freedom of speech and religion, due process and states’ rights, but the right to keep and bear arms is the liberty that has long provoked the most anti-liberty bloodthirstiness amongst Democrats.

Democrats have their dupe dope useful idiot voting base convinced that our rights come from government, which can, on a whim, revoke those rights.

I recommend a singular response to their threats of disarmament – always marketed under the “if it saves one life” illusion: go on offense, and show Democrats that you will not cower to them, by joining the ranks of the legal firearm-owning citizenry.

It’s true that Americans legally own as many guns (approximately 400 million, with billions of rounds of ammunition) as the next four countries combined, with 3 in 10 American adults owning one. To a casual observer, the Democrat and DMIC narrative of America as a “gun-nut” nation may appear accurate; but, alas, ’tis not so. The non-owning adult population is more than double that of the owning one.

So, yes, the best strategy against gun crime is more legally owned guns. Tune out the Goebbelsian and Kozhevnikovian propaganda of Democrats and the DMIC about gun deaths in the U.S. Two-thirds of deaths are due to suicide (undoubtedly a public health crisis, but one that should not adversely affect law-abiding Americans’ right to keep and bear) and the other one-third are mostly homicides in cities run by Democrats for tens of thousands of consecutive of days. America doesn’t have a gun violence epidemic; Democrat cities do. Democrats and the DMIC know it, but they’ve collectively managed to cover-up the utter and abject guaranteed-to-fail Democrat policies in many of our historic, culturally rich cities.

It’s also high time for the U.S. Supreme Court to, once and for all, overturn every state and local law that has placed onerous and unconstitutional burdens on residents who wish to conceal carry, such as in San Diego County, California. The county requires concealed weapons permit applicants show “good cause.” Self-defense and personal protection are not considered “good causes.” Silly me, I missed the “good cause” requirement in the one-sentence text of the Second Amendment. The court will have an opportunity to right all these wrongs when it hears the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. New York City case later this year. For too long, our Second Amendment has been a disfavored, third-class right.

Homeland security-type gun confiscationI am imploring some of the 70 percent of adults who don’t legally own a gun to take heed. I know many of you are anti-Second Amendment, but I also know that many of you are indifferent. To those indifferent, Democrats and the DMIC are going to make what appears to be a persuasive case to you. My prediction is that they will sell you on why the government is justified in making it damn near impossible for gun owners to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The method by which Democrats and the DMIC will do this, I anticipate, will be a Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration-type intrusion into the physical and mental health histories of some existing gun owners, and certainly future gun owners. I’m starting to see this play unfold publicly, and it has former Republicans cheerleading it.

The sales pitch is simple, primitive and predictable: You could be the next gun violence victim, you don’t even own a gun, and it’s worth limiting firearm rights for your and your children’s safety and security, isn’t it? With every shooting and accompanying wall-to-wall chyrons and DMIC-created criminal celebrity manifesto-penning mass murderer, it gives the Democrats a little more ammo to appeal to the two-thirds of the population who likely find themselves ambivalent about whether AR-15s and handgun magazines with 10 or more round capacity should be banned.

Complementary to all this are so-called red flag laws, which are already in place, to varying degrees, in 17 states and the District of Columbia. These laws allow police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of guns from an individual who may present a danger to himself or others. Sounds like utopia, right? Color me skeptical; these laws allow for ex parte hearings, which allow judges to make rulings without all plaintiff and defendant parties present. Red flag laws are potentially constitutionally overreaching on five amendments: the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 14th.

We strengthen our God-given right to keep and bear arms – to protect our lives and livelihoods, our families and our castles – by actually exercising that right. Government should live in fear of We the People, not the other way around. I mean that as a political threat, not a physical one. When government fears We the People, there is an abundance of liberty. And with a more armed population, we will have a fighting chance against Democrat-inspired mass shooters.

Molon labe.

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