Some Evangelical supporters of President Donald Trump are expressing concern with his frequent and casual use of profanity in his speeches, Politico reported on Monday.

Although Trump has long used coarse language and other politicians have been known to be foul mouthed, the difference is that Trump’s loss of overwhelming evangelical backing could be disastrous for his reelection bid.

White evangelical support was key to Trump’s 2016 win by helping bolster his standing in critical swing states, places which are likely to be the determining factor again in 2020.

“I’ve had people come to me and say, ‘You know I voted for [Trump], but if he doesn’t tone down the rhetoric, I might just stay home this time,’” pro-Trump West Virginia state senator Paul Hardesty told Politico.

Hardesty added that he has yet to hear back from anyone inside the White House after urging Trump in a formal letter he sent last month to “reflect on your comments and never utter those words again.”

At least two pro-Trump pastors have admitted that they’ve cringed through some of his more profane speeches and have told him that type of rhetoric is unacceptable.

Hardesty emphasized that “I think this president needs to… realize that kids look up to him and… carrying that type of language from behind the presidential seal is offensive.”

Other evangelical leaders, however, noting Trump’s backing of many policies the community has high on its priority list, have downplayed the importance of his use of profanity.

“We all wish he would be a little more careful with his language, but it’s not anything that’s a dealbreaker and it’s not something we’re going to get morally indignant about,” said Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.

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