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Curious circumstances …

Right to ask questions … On Saturday, one of the most high-profile defendants ever waiting for trial in the United States was reported dead. Immediately those on the left and the right — including me — speculated as to who had Jeffrey Epstein killed. The official line was suicide.

The media instantly began labeling these inquiries and declarations as conspiracy theories, and that has driven the coverage. The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan set the mainstream media straight on Monday.

In a series of tweets, Noonan said, “Journalism exists to get the story. That’s its job. The Epstein story is one of the great scandals. It has everything — darkness, mystery, high society machinations, now death. The story is not that conspiracy theorists are flooding social media.”

Noonan is exactly right. She went on to detail how it was imperative to keep Epstein safe given his high profile. Getting to the bottom of what happened should be the first job of real journalists.

Will journalists rise to the task or just continue to try to paint those asking questions as nuts? It’s a question to ask not just of this case but of many things in society where journalism, rather than look for the truth, toes a party line.

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