Speaking in New Orleans at the Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police’s 64th National Biennial Conference on Monday, Attorney General William Barr stated in a fiery pro-police speech that the Trump administration will propose legislation calling for the swift imposition of death sentences for mass shooters or those who murder police officers.

Barr stated, “We will be proposing legislation providing that in cases of mass murder, or in cases of murder of a law enforcement officer, there will be a timetable for judicial proceedings that will allow imposition of any death sentence without undue delay. Punishment must be swift and certain.”

Noting that the troops who fought in the first Gulf War were justifiably cheered and given ticker tape parades when they returned, Barr pointed out, “But when police officers leave their precincts every morning, there are no crowds on the highway cheering you. And when you come home at the end of the day after a job well done, there are no ticker tape parades. One reason for this is that law enforcement is fighting a different type of war. We are fighting an unrelenting, never-ending fight against criminal predators in our society. While there are battles won and lost each day, there is never a final resolution – a final victory is never in sight.”

Barr saluted the police, saying, “In the final analysis, what stands between chaos and carnage on the one hand, and the civilized and tranquil society we all yearn for, is the thin blue line of law enforcement. You are the ones manning the ramparts – day in, and day out.”

Barr offered his diagnosis for some of the most dangerous trends plaguing American society: “We live in an age now when the institutions we have relied on to inculcate values and self-restraint have been under constant assault for over 50 years. As a result, we see about us increased social pathology: boys growing up without fathers; alienated and angry young men; gangs engaged in the most brutal violence; mass shootings; increasing mental illness and suicide among young people; a drug epidemic inflicting casualties beyond what we would sustain in a major war; growing domestic violence; an increase in sexual assaults and child exploitation.” He continued, “And who is expected to deal with this? As other institutions fail and abdicate, who is expected to stand their ground? Who is expected to pick up the pieces? You are. The police. The thin blue line.”

Barr acknowledged that there have been abuses, but asserted, “… these are very much the exceptions, not the rule. If anything, I continue to be amazed at the professionalism of our police officers in the most extreme circumstances.”

Barr took a shot at the Obama Administration, positing, “On the drug front, we are facing a monumental challenge. To be frank, the Obama Administration showed little interest in prosecuting the fight against dangerous drugs. A tsunami built up and has been crashing over the country, bringing death and destruction. The death toll from opioids alone is higher than we would sustain in a major war. Indeed, in a single year, we lose more people to opioids than we lost during the entire Vietnam War … I think our attack on illicit opioids is building momentum. It is going to be a long difficult road, but we are gaining real traction. As you know, this Administration has sharply increased drug trafficking prosecutions, especially as to opioids. In 2018 we prosecuted 36 percent more opioid-related offenses than we did in the previous year. Fentanyl prosecutions were up 200 percent.”

Barr said bluntly, “Obviously, the head of the snake is outside the United States. Most of the illegal drugs coming into the country – opioids, cocaine, and meth – are trafficked from Mexico by transnational organized crime, particularly the Mexican cartels. We must destroy these cartels. This is a uniquely Federal responsibility. We have destroyed cartels in the past, but we let up so that other groups were able to take their place. We cannot do that again. I don’t underestimate how hard this work is, and how long it will take.”

He concluded, “Please continue to do what you do. This Administration has your back. May God bless you and keep you safe. And may God bless the United States of America.”

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