Who says work has to be boring? Granted, there is only so much excitement you can inject into your desk job, but for those who chose the career paths less traveled, there is never a dull moment.

Especially if you are employed full-time to taste chocolate, or to lead ducks into a hotel lobby every few hours. Yes, these jobs really do exist, along with dozens of other bizarre ones, which 24/7 Wall St. recently identified after reviewing various job listing sites as well as occupation data and online databases.

Based on their findings, we take a look at 10 of the weirdest jobs in America:

1. Dog surfing instructor. Surf’s up, Rover! Want your pooch to surf? No problem, just take it to California, where people are actually paid to be dog surfing instructors. It makes sense. The state hosts the World Dog Surfing Competition and competition is stiff.

2. Duck master. The Peabody Hotel in Memphis employs a duck master to oversee five ducks that routinely march into the lobby twice a day. This has been an ongoing tradition since the 1940s and the job was first filled 50 years ago.

3. Scuba diving pizza delivery man. Scuba diving can work up an appetite and nothing hits the spot quite like pizza. There is a job in Florida that entails delivering pizza to the underwater rooms of visitors to the Jules’ Undersea Lounge in Key Largo.

4. Dog food taster. You wouldn’t eat food that tastes bad so you can’t expect your pet to either. Somebody has to be responsible for ensuring pet food tastes acceptable before it is packaged and shipped out. The person in charge of doing this is rewarded with a full-time salary for their efforts.

5. Furniture tester. Some furniture manufacturers take quality very seriously. They are even willing to employ people to test their products to ensure their sofas, chairs, and couches are as comfortable as possible, as is the case with La-Z-Boy Furniture in Michigan. 

6. Dice quality inspector. The last thing on your mind when rolling the dice is who inspected the cube to ensure it is equally weighted on all sides. However, there are people whose very job is to do just that. You cannot have the odds of a dice game compromised in a casino after all.

7. Gum buster. Nothing ruins your day quite like stepping in gum. Especially not on a hot day, when the gooey substance just won’t come off your shoe. Fortunately there are people in New York and New Jersey employed to clean the gum off sidewalks. While it’s a weird job, it sure doesn’t sound like a good one.

8. Fortune cookie writer. Somebody has to write those words of wisdom in your fortune cookie and the person responsible for this has made a career of it.

9. Professional snuggler. We all get lonely but now you can pay a professional snuggler for some quality, and platonic, companionship.

10. Chocolate taster. Is this the best job in America? Who doesn’t want to be paid to taste chocolate all day? It sounds far-fetched but for some people, their job is to make sure that the sweets produced at massive plants taste great.

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