Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele

New government documents obtained by Washington watchdog Judicial Watch reveal that Bruce Ohr, the now-demoted Department of Justice official who worked hand-in-glove with Russia “dossier” creator Christopher Steele to foster claims of collusion against then-candidate Donald Trump, actually had a spreadsheet tying Trump to all kinds of Russia interests.

The documents are the latest obtained by Judicial Watch in its ongoing campaign to reach inside the deep state in Washington and discover who under the Barack Obama administration did what – apparently using government resources including intel agencies like the FBI – to first try to prevent Trump’s election, and if he won, undermine him by throwing nonstop allegations and investigations at him during a presidency.

The new documents obtained by Judicial Watch show Bruce Ohr, who was a key go-between serving up fantasies created by Steele, a former British spy with his own Russian connections, to the anti-Trump individuals in the Obama administration, promoted to the Department of Justice scandals “obtained through his wife Nellie Ohr.”

She worked for Fusion GPS, which was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and hired Steele to create to “dossier” against Trump.

The information Ohr promoted included “A spreadsheet that tries to link President Trump to dozens of Russians,” Judicial Watch reported.

“These documents show a crazed DOJ-FBI effort to use the Clinton spy ring at Fusion GPS, namely Nellie Ohr, to smear President Trump – even before he was sworn in as president,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Clinton campaign operative Nellie Ohr may as well as have had a desk at the Justice Department.”

Judicial Watch released 330 new pages of documents showing Bruce Ohr, who was demoted from his post as U.S. Associated Deputy Attorney General in 2017, talking up his wife’s information.

“On December 5, 2016, Bruce Ohr emailed himself an Excel spreadsheet, seemingly from his wife Nellie Ohr, titled ‘WhosWho19Sept2016.’ The spreadsheet purports to show relationship descriptions and ‘linkages’ between Donald Trump, his family and criminal figures, many of whom were Russians. This list of individuals allegedly ‘linked to Trump’ include: a Russian involved in a ‘gangland killing;’ an Uzbek mafia don; a former KGB officer suspected in the murder of Paul Tatum; a Russian who reportedly ‘buys up banks and pumps them dry’; a Russian money launderer for Sergei Magnitsky; a Turk accused of shipping oil for ISIS; a couple who lent their name to the Trump Institute, promoting its ‘get-rich-quick schemes’; a man who poured him a drink; and others,” Judicial Watch reported.

Judicial Watch explained Bruce Ohr also emailed himself a document, in 2016, called “Manafort Chronology,” which also came from his wife at the Democrat campaign-linked Fusion GPS.

That details Manafort’s interactions with Russians and others.

“FBI interview reports from December 5 and December 12, and December 20, 2017, show that Bruce Ohr ‘voluntarily’ gave these anti-Trump and Manafort materials, created for the Clinton campaign by Fusion GPS, to the FBI,” Judicial Watch reported.

And then, within days, “Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, forwarded text messages to him that she’d sent to her ‘colleagues,’ where she refers to the Steele dossier as the ‘yellow rain dossier’ and the ‘yellow showers dossier.’”

Nellie Ohr, at that time, “speculates that Department K of the Russian intelligence service FSB ‘would be a pretty good candidate for listening in on Hillary,’” the report sa9id.

And when a friend of Nellie Ohr sent her a leftist article “touting the Steele dossier’s claim that an alleged deal between Russian oil company Rosneft and Trump supporter Steve Schwarzman constituted a ‘high crime of treason worthy of impeachment,’” she immediately sent it to the FBI.

That “friend” was Kathleen Kavalec, a former state department worker who four months earlier had determined Steele was not “credible.

Additionally, the new documents reveal DOJ prosecutor Lisa Holtyn emailed Bruce Ohr “to see if he could connect her as well as prosecutors Joe Wheatley and Ivana Nizich with his wife, Nellie Ohr, as she could be a ‘great resource’ for them,” Judicial Watch explained.

“He replies, ‘I’m sure Nellie would be delighted to speak with them. I’m pretty sure there is no conflict of interest since they aren’t paying her or anything like that.’”

Judicial Watch obtained the records through its August 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Justice Department after it failed to respond to a May 29, 2018, FOIA request.

The fight is over what apparently was a concerted campaign by those in the Obama administration to submit false information to federal courts to get permission to send government spies to observe the Trump campaign in 2016.

The overarching goal apparently was to prevent his election, or to destroy his presidency with investigations and impeachment talk should he win. They’ve pursued that strategy diligently, and although their FBI special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller failed to find any Trump campaign collusion with Russia, the president’s opponents then switched to claiming obstruction of justice and of late have been demanding the president be punished for “racism.”

Of note, the genesis of that entire attack on Trump now is under investigation not only by the top of the FBI, but also a prosecuting attorney, and their reports are expected to be out within weeks. Already, it’s been revealed that James Comey, fired FBI chief, was referred for charges, although the DOJ declined at this time to file any.

Judicial Watch noted that several months ago it got documents showing that Bruce Ohr in his January 2018 preparation to testify to the Senate and House intelligence committees wrote to a lawyer about “possible ethics concerns.”

Bruce Ohr forwarded the email to Nellie Ohr, working at Fusion GPS, the Hillary Clinton campaign-Democratic National Committee vendor who compiled the anti-Trump dossier.

Documents also have shown Bruce Ohr stayed in contact with Steele even after Steele was fired by the FBI for revealing to the media his job as an FBI informant.

Further, Judicial Watch uncovered that Ohr received a total of $42,520 in performance bonuses during the Trump/Russia investigation.


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