Red flag laws that have come under debate in the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton should be a state or local matter, rather than fall under the federal government, Sen. Tom Cotton said Wednesday.

“I think in Washington, what we should do is provide support for states that want to adopt those laws,” the Arkansas Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “It’s beyond the capabilities of federal law enforcement to try to monitor every single person in this country who might be a danger to others or a danger to themselves. That’s why we have local police and sheriff’s departments.”

The federal government also can provide technical assistance through the Department of Justice, or grants or other funding for states, Cotton said. 

“What we would need to do though is make sure we are providing funding for states adopting laws that provide due process (and) make sure we are focused on people like the Dayton shooter,” he added.

Cotton acknowledged that there will never be a perfect solution, as every crime can’t be stopped, but he does think the federal government can make a difference by making sure the law enforcement community is supported, as well as partnerships between federal and local law enforcement. 

He also said he thinks there should be “real penalties” for people who misuse red flag laws to carry out a grudge or dispute of any kind. 

Meanwhile, Cotton also said he thinks Democratic presidential candidates have “lost their minds” on several issues such as immigration, the public charge law, healthcare, and more.

“They are deranged by the president and they are rushing so far to the left that I can’t imagine they are going to be successful next year,” he said.

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