On Thursday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles discusses how the suicide explanation around Jeffery Epstein’s death is getting harder and harder to accept. Video and partial transcript below:

This autopsy has now revealed that Epstein had multiple breaks in his neck, specifically in the hyoid bone, which experts told The Washington Post is more common in homicide than suicide. One medical study of suicidal hangings cited in this report, found that the hyoid bone was broken and only 16 out of 264 cases. We’re talking about hangings where people usually jump off of a stool and so there’s a huge drop and there’s a crack. In this hanging, Epstein didn’t have that opportunity. [He] would have had to just basically lean forward from a bedpost, using a sheet and try to asphyxiate himself. So, it’s even less likely that that bone would have been broken in his case. The likelihood seems incredibly low.

Now the former bodyguard of his was talking to New York Magazine. He’s contradicting things that he had said years ago in an interview. He’s saying he doesn’t remember anything, he doesn’t remember nothing, there were no underage girls. He seemed very “nervous” according to the interviewer. Obviously, there is more to this story.

You have this guy; he is a former Russian UFC fighter. He is really tough guy, who years ago, in 2015, in a New York magazine interview was saying, “Yeah, he had these teenage girls around. Yeah, I was telling them not to do that. Yeah I was…” And then now all of a sudden — after this suicide, after the death of Epstein — he’s nervous [and] he’s sweating.

I have this image, off camera, of Hillary Clinton there standing with a baseball bat in her hand like, “Yeah, that’s right, yeah, you don’t know nothing. You don’t know nothing about what happened.” Some people are still insisting this was a completely accidental suicide. You got to ask me to believe a lot of coincidences to believe that…. The two guards just happened to fall asleep at exactly the same time for hours and hours.

You’ve got to tell me that the suicide watch that he was on, he was taken off of that just coincidentally. You’ve got to tell me he decided to off himself right at the perfect point of the news cycle. You’ve got to tell me that all those very powerful people all around the world who wanted him dead, who benefited from him dead, that’s just a coincidence. You’ve got to tell me that he managed to crack this bone in his neck, which is more commonly done in strangulation than in hanging. He just happened to be one of the unlucky ones. Oh, and by the way, he did it by pulling on a bedsheet, on his knees, rather than the way it would normally happen by hanging.

That is crazy. … Now the craziest conspiracy theory is that he just accidentally [was] allowed to die. There’s obviously more to this story. The people telling you otherwise are… I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them. If they are going to [believe it, then I] got a bridge right across the river from that jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

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