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Manifest destiny? …

On Wednesday, the Dow Jones tanked after news that the yield curve inverted. The media reacted gleefully, reminding folks that a bond yield curve inversion has preceded recessions in the past. They also helpfully reminded us that if there is a recession, it will hurt President Trump. The media’s collective vision-boarding seemed to be manifesting itself, much to their delight.

Of course, the media, as usual, were telling half the story. On Thursday, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck talked about the media’s hysteria and made a very important point: While the media focus on the fact that every recession recently has followed a yield curve inversion, they’re not telling you that not every yield curve inversion results in a recession.

It’s not just Beck throwing cold water on the media’s joyful praise of impending doom. CNBC host Jim Cramer appeared on NBC’s “Today” Thursday morning to blast the media. Cramer said, “I think that there are people who can sow fear. … I really don’t want to be someone who is taking the ill-advised position that it must end in recession.”

NewsBusters reports that the media tried to stoke “recession” fears every single day in June and July. They are doing so because they know that a tanking economy will hurt Trump. The media hype machine is in overdrive to tell people that the roaring economy they are experiencing isn’t really happening.

This is just another way the media is trying to own Trump.

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